Guest Bedroom – To-Do List and Mood Board

It might seem crazy, with everything that this house needs, to start with the Guest Bedroom, but it’s where I can confidently make decisions on design without overthinking the whole house. See, the rest of the house is pretty open concept, so even deciding on paint color I feel like I need to take Kitchen cabinets in to consideration (which I am not prepared to tackle yet). Also, it is a manageable project that we can complete from start to finish without having to take a huge hit to the budget right on day 1.

The goal of this room is to feel like a modern, rustic retreat for our guests. I would like to re-use a few pieces that we already have, build a headboard and tie it all together with new bedding. Below is the mood board for the room:

Guest Room

We already own the rug, the antique secretary desk and an end table that will work perfect in the space. The headboard will be a DIY and we will purchase the new bedding and Roman Bamboo shades for the 3 windows.

Moving on to the To-Do List for the Guest Room:


As you can see, we will start with removing wall paper and patching and painting the ceilings, moldings and walls before ripping out the carpet. Once the walls are done, we can start on the floors. The budget for this room, outside of any phase 2 projects, is $900. As we move through, I will detail the budget along the way, as well as plan for posts on all DIY projects and before and afters!

Now we just need to close, so that we can start!




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