Moving Day

We finally closed and moved on Monday, June 13th!

I spent the weekend with Anastasia packing up with house in to boxes, labeling, bubble wrapping, etc. By Sunday night, we felt pretty prepared for all of the work the next day would entail.




We woke up at 7 AM, got breakfast, walked the dog and then I headed to go pick up the moving truck. ***Reminder for Future Me: ALWAYS GET THE BIGGER TRUCK! I happened to grab the bigger truck, only because it was the same price as the 15 foot truck, thinking we don’t have that much stuff. WRONG! the 17 foot truck was packed to the brim!

So after I drove the Uhaul home, we started packing. It took about 2.5 hours total, so not the worst day ever, but definitely worked up a sweat.

After we were all packed up, we cleaned the house, said our house good-bye’s and jumped in the truck to head to our new neighborhood, on the other side of town.

Meanwhile, I had to work during all of this, so constant breaks were in order to attend to customer calls and emails ***Reminder for Future Me: ALWAYS TAKE OFF WORK!

We had some time to kill before closing at 3:30 PM, so we grabbed lunch with JoJo. After that we drove down to the realtors for closing.

Closing on our old house was simple and straightforward. They gave us the check and we headed up the road to the other title agency to close on the New house at 4:30. When we got there, they asked if we had wired all of the money for closing. I told them no, we wired the difference and gave them the check from the first closing. Apparently, this was unacceptable and we could not close on the house.

At this point it is 4:45 PM, we have our dog under the table at closing because it was 85 degrees outside, our Uhaul with everything we own is parked in the parking lot and they are basically telling us we are homeless until the check gets deposited, clears and wired in to their account. Cue the Panic.

Realtor Greg to the rescue! He called the other title agency, had them void the check and wire the money over the next morning. He also called the home owner of our new house to explain the situation and see if she would let us move in tonight regardless. She said yes (as long as we signed a liability waiver)! So we didn’t actually close, but headed to the house to start moving!


It was now about 5:30 PM and we started unloading the Uhaul (approx. 8 hours after loading it). We were exhausted, but had to get everything in the house before the sunset. We pushed through and unloaded the Uhaul in about 2 hours and then met up with Anastasia for dinner and some beers at BarFly’s.

I think we both pretty much died 5 seconds after getting in to bed. It was a long day, but it was done and we were in our new home!

And Just in Case You’re Wondering, we got this text the next afternoon:



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