Hallway Demo

Collin had work yesterday, so I was on my own to demo the hallway. The goal was to remove the drop ceiling, all moldings, carpet, tack strips and panelling.


Here’s the before. Hard to see because of the glare from the Master Bedroom Windows combined with the complete lack of light in the hallway, but the paneling is on the wall to the right. Also, note where the ceiling is above the Master bedroom door. After we took the ceiling down we gained about 12 inches of height. See below:



No more paneling, carpet or moldings. After ripping up the carpet, there is a layer of hardboard which is nailed and glued down. It is not easy to pull up. Because of the glue and nail combo, it comes up in small chunks, then you need to follow up pulling out the nails. You can see towards the master I was able to get some of the hardboard up. Here’s a close up of the After:




I think with a  good sanding, stain and poly, we will be able to salvage the original floors (fingers crossed). If not, plan B would be to install over them, but I would rather keep the originals. We’ll see how that progresses.

Today (Saturday), Anastasia is coming over to help demo the front wall of the bedroom. That wall will be drywalled over, eventually, get new windows and new moldings. Tomorrow (Sunday) I’m hoping to start exposing the brick in the master bedroom. I’ll do a very detailed post on that, since I think other people would love to see the steps we go through to make it happen. We’ve done it before in the Conkling St house, so hopefully it is in as good of shape that house was behind the plaster.


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