Start of Construction

Today we started demo on the upstairs. We are currently living on the first floor, in the dining room area. We have the living room set up in the formal living area and the kitchen is cleaned and unpacked.

We decided not to move upstairs until its done so that we have space and don’t have to worry about keeping clean during the reno.

We started in the Master Bedroom:


Starting to take down the drop ceiling:



After removing the drop ceiling in the master bedroom, we gained about 6 inches in height in the room.


(Ahh – those windows, that view, that garbage pile!)

After we finished that room, we moved to the 2nd Bedroom:



We got a little excited with Demo and ripped up the carpet in that room as well. We gained about a foot of height in this bedroom.


Finally, we moved to the 3rd Bedroom (the Guest Room). We decided to focus our efforts on the first 2 bedrooms for the next month, so we set up the bed frame and mattress in here. Yes it still has creepy wallpaper and horrible carpet, but we needed to get the mattress out of the living room to open up more space and we plan on having guests rather quickly, so it would be great to have a clean room that they can retreat to.

Tomorrow, Collin has work, so I’m on my own. The plan is to get the rest of the drop ceiling down in the hallway, take off all of the moldings and possibly get to removing the faux wood paneling down the wall. I’ll be sure to share lots of pictures!






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