Updates for this Week

This week was a little crazy, but we were able to get a few things done. Tuesday was our Anniversary, so we were off from reno and headed to a nice dinner instead!

Wednesday was not our Anniversary, so it was right back to it. Collin had off so he was in charge of picking up Drywall for the ceilings. This seemed like an easy task for a day off, but he was dead by the end of the day. Someone needs to invent a Drywall Delivery service. We also had a few appointments with the Window quotes for the front of the house.

The window company came in the morning to measure and quote. The issue is our windows are an awkward size (Extra Tall, Extra Skinny), plus I want black frames inside and outside. This raises the cost like $500 per window, times 5 windows, boo. So we decided to wait on windows for now, since we have a bathroom that needs an overhaul much worse.

After the window meeting, I headed to work and Collin headed to Home Depot. He had to rent a truck, load 12 sheets of drywall, drive the drywall home, unload 12 sheets of drywall and then go back to Home Depot to return the truck. Once he got back home, the garbage guy was coming to pick up another load (plaster from the brick removal this weekend), so Collin had to bring all of the garbage downstairs to prep for the pick-up. Needless to say, when I got home from work Collin was asleep on the couch.

But, there was still work to do, so we got him up to start moving the drywall upstairs. After 12 sheets, we finally had the drywall in place and ready to be hung. It was still early, so we decided to go grab a drink and some ice cream – Its all about balance people. 🙂

Thursday we both had work, but Collin came home with a new fun tool:



The floor scraper was a lifesaver in getting up the rest of the subfloor that is glued to the wood floors. I scraped and pulled nails, while Collin prepped dinner. We were able to get the whole hallway ready to be sanded. Here is the  (Picture Quality is Horrible in this Hallway since there are no lights! That will change soon 🙂 ) :



This weekend my mom comes to see the house and deliver the very important Wall Paper Steamer. Sunday we have big plans to hang all of the drywall in the Master Bedroom! If all goes as planned, we should be able to move out of the dining room in the next 2.5 weeks!


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