Weekly Update

Last week/this weekend was the most productive we’ve had so far in this house. I’m going start wayyyy back to last Monday (6/27). We spent Monday and Tuesday patching and sanding the window wall and ceiling.

Wednesday, we started removing wallpaper on the “TV Wall”. After removing an entire house worth of wallpaper in our Conkling St House (house #1) we are pretty much experts. We prefer to use a wallpaper steamer.



To start, remove any top wallpaper first. In this case, you could easily peel it from the seams. All that should be remaining is the under layer (looks like a brown paper bag stuck to the wall). Next, you fill the steamer with water and let it heat up. Once you apply the steamer to the wall, you just hold it there for about 30 seconds. After you remove it, you should be able to use a scraper tool to just peel the wallpaper right off.



Thursday we decided to turn our attention to the Closet Wall. Originally, the room had a 96″ x 80″ mirrored sliding door that was bit much. So we decided two sets of small French doors would do the trick, look nice, and allow full access to the closet. Here is the before:



(Image from House listing – that’s a lot of mirrors!)

To start the doors, we removed the mirrors and slider frames, measured, and framed out the closet doors to be a standard 36″ wide.





Friday, I worked to cut and mount drywall on the Closet wall. We ran out of dry wall mid-day (of course) so I had to make a Home Depot run. **We need to invest in a bigger car! It is not easy to cut drywall in the Home Depot parking lot and then load it in to your Mazda HatchBack alone…



By end of day Friday, the wall was fully drywalled and patched.



Saturday, Collin had work, so I started the day with some Hot Yoga and Breakfast with Anastasia. When I got home, I needed to prep for paint tomorrow. Since the “TV Wall” is plaster, it needed to be skim coated to allow for a smooth finish. I skimmed the TV Wall with plaster. It needed about 2 hours of dry time, so I did what anyone would do…

Hit the pool!


After a few hours pool side, I came back, sanded and gave the wall a second coat. By Saturday night, we were able to sand the whole room sanded once more and have it ready for paint in the morning.



First Coat


Final Coat – After Sanding

When Collin got home from work Saturday night, we needed to prime the whole room to be ready for paint in the morning:


We started losing daylight, but were able to get everything primed and ready.

That night we went out to dinner and drinks (too many drinks), you can hear more about that on the rest of the weekend post!

This post is getting lengthy so I’ll continue Sunday and Monday in a new post!






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