Floors – Day 3

Last time we left off, we had 2 coats of Poly on the floors. I wanted to quickly detail out how we finish the floors in between Poly Coats.

After Collin put the second Coat of Poly on the bedroom floors, I had to do the final coat about 8 hours later. We used a 400 Grit hand sander.

First, you sand the floors by hand just looking to smooth out the finish even more:



This is a scary step because you new beautiful shiny hardwoods will now look like this:



When you run your hand over the floor at this point, they should feel smooth as glass.

Next, you use a tack cloth to wipe the floors clean and remove all dust particles. Anything left behind will be attached to your floors forever, so make sure you do a thorough job on this.



Finally, you can move around the room edging the floors and then rolling on the final Poly coat.

The floors need to set for 72 Hours before we can move furniture in to the room. This means 72 hours of no construction work for us! We will be making the most of the few nights off from reno and enjoying long summer walks and cooking dinner!

Be Back Friday with the final floor Reveal!





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