Floor Reveal and Molding Sneak Peek

Drum Roll Please …..


I LOVE them!

They are warm and reddish, without being too red. The perfect color for a home of this period. I am ready to not put any furniture up there and just stare at the floors for the rest of my life…

But the show must go on. So last night (Thursday) I started on some door frame moldings for the closet doors. I only had about an hour of work time before I had to start making dinner and heading out for movie night, but I figured an hour is better than nothing.

Next week I will detail out the how-to for the moldings, but for now here’s the one door:


This style of molding adds so much character to the room! I can’t wait to see what it looks like on the windows!

After the moldings last night, Collin, JoJo and I headed to the American Visionary Museum for movie on the hill. They were showing Ferris Bueller, so we couldn’t miss out!

This weekend Meghan, Johnnie, Matt and Catherine come to visit, so there will be no progress to report on Monday!


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