Let There Be Light!

After a weekend off from Renovation, too much food and wayyy too much booze, Collin and I had a tough time getting back in to the swing of things this week. But a little motivation came on Tuesday morning to kick us back in to gear:


Master Bedroom Light:



Second Bedroom:



Hallway – Wired for 3 Pendants, but only 1 temp light installed for now:


This is a major task to get checked off! We have not been able to work later then 8 PM since there are no lights upstairs. Also, the walk to the bathroom with no hallway lights was a bit of an issue.

This big ticket project getting checked off was the motivation we needed to do some work after dinner Tuesday night. I worked on trimming out the second closet with the same farmhouse style trim, and Collin worked on Crown Molding.

Crown Molding is the devil (especially in an old house with not square walls). These pictures make it look easy, it is not. We have a few throw away pieces that we keep cutting to test the fit/angles. Also, caulk fixes everything and all the little gaps will not be noticeable after some caulk and paint.






We ended up getting 3 pieces installed last night. The rest of the crown molding will take a couple of days, since we are only expecting to get a few pieces up per night.

Backing up a bit, on Monday, Collin was able to seal the brick. We use the Behr brick sealer in low luster to seal the brick, mortar and give a slight shine to the wall. It works perfect and stops the wall from creating any dust or debris.

This week and weekend will be committed to caulking and painting. Also, picked up some supplies to give the closet a bit of an update!


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