Window Trim on Angled Walls

This weekend was filled with detail work, molding, painting and caulking. Saturday, while Collin was working, I worked on finishing the window sills and trim. The windows in the bedroom are on a curved wall with lots of angles. Below is how I created the custom sills:

To Start, I cut the 1 x 6 board down to size (Size of the window + 7 inches for the two 3.5″ trim pieces on each side). Next, I cut some cardboard pieces and fit them to match the window angle:



I hold the pieces at that angle, and lay them on the board to trace:




Then I use my jigsaw to cut the piece:





Once you cut both sides, Slide the sill in, make sure its level and nail in to place:



*Ignore the painted outlet, someone got a little excited with the primer

Next, I worked on the side trim pieces. This was pretty simple, just straight cuts, nailed in to place:



Next piece is the top and bottom boards. Because the wall is angled here, there are some difficult cuts. To start, measure the length between the angles. Then, use the angle tool to figure out the wall angles:




This example was 159 degrees. Here is the math I followed to get the cuts:

180 – 159 = 21

21/2 = 10.5 Degrees

I set the miter saw to 10.5 degrees and cut the edge of the base trim. I duplicated the process on both sides as well as for the top trim. Here is the end result:


All Caulked:


I repeated this process 2 more times to trim out all of the windows, and caulked. Originally, we wanted more trim at the top of the windows, but realized we couldn’t fit it with the crown molding coming in.

After Collin got home Saturday night, we finished the crown molding and called it a night. Here is where we left off on Saturday evening:


Sunday we pretty much killed it. I’ll post about that tomorrow.




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