Last year, in our house prior to this, we built a king size headboard with just some plywood, stained boards and fabric. This headboard has proven to be one of the most adaptable pieces of furniture we have. Since its initial build, we have recovered it several times to change the entire feel of the room for just a few dollars.

Here it is in the last house covered in a muted paisley fabric:



And here it is Recovered in this house:



Lets take a few steps back on how we hung this on the brick wall. To mount anything on brick, you need to use TapCon Screws (Blue screws). For this headboard we used a Cleat Hanger. A Cleat hanger is 2 pieces, one screwed on the headboard and one to the wall, that fit together. Here is what it looks like pre-mount:


To mount to the wall, hold the wall mount portion to the wall at the height you want the headboard and check for level. Then, mark the wall where the screws will go.

Once marked, use the masonry drill bit from TapCon (suggested size on the box) to pre-drill the holes. The box of screws will tell you how deep to drill. Measure that depth (example: 1″ Deep) on your drill bit and tape off, so that you don’t drill too far, or not enough. Your regular drill should work fine.



Once the holes are pre-drilled, hold the wall mount portion of the cleat up to the wall and screw in using the TapCon screws. Check for level before tightening.



Mount the headboard portion of the cleat to the back of the headboard at the desired height:



The headboard will just slide right on. Re-check level and move left or right to get it centered. That’s it!




This was such a great piece, since just a few yards of fabric can change the whole look of the room. For now, it works to add some color and pattern to the space.

To recover, we take off the 3 boards (top and sides) and re staple new fabric to the headboard. In the past, I have used shower curtains, drapes,  drop clothes (for that linen look at a discount) and actual fabric to recover this headboard, so anything will work!

Still have a few things to get done in here:

  • Headboard
  • Dresser and Nightstands (Hoping for Antiques)
  • Updating the light fixture (current boob light is a temp)
  • Real Blinds (Not paper)
  • Quarter Round molding around the baseboards
  • Seating
  • Finish Painting the closet doors (notice how we haven’t seen that angle in a while)
  • Mounting the TV to the wall

Hoping to get to the Closet Doors and TV Mount tonight!


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