Fixing the Embarrassing Wall

Sorry for the Radio Silence this week – I was in NY last weekend, and Collin worked all weekend, so nothing got done reno-wise. But this week we are back, full steam ahead!

Let’s back-up a little to our last house. The bedroom was so small, we couldn’t fit a dresser. So we ended up buying a bed frame from IKEA that had massive drawers underneath for all of our non-hangable clothing storage. When we were moving, we decided that bed didn’t make the cut and eventually we would get a regular dresser.

Fast forward to 3+ weeks of looking for dressers, and this is what we are left with:

IMG_0127 (1).JPG


Totally Pathetic. All of the pretty pictures of our bedroom re-do have purposefully left out this terrible wall. Time to face the music and get moving on clothing storage.

To start, I spent a ton of time researching dressers. Guys, that is impossible! They are either too small, too expensive or delivery fees are over $150! We have so much to do in this house, we really need to spend money on long term things (like hardwood flooring throughout and a new bathroom). To me, a dresser can be upgraded later down the line. So I scoured Craigslist looking for something I could potentially re-do.

When looking for furniture on Craigslist, I always look for something that is solid wood, clean lines and at a price that isn’t anywhere close to what we could pay for a new dresser.

Finally, I found a dresser that fit the bill. Great storage space, clean lines and solid wood construction. To further entice the buyer, I try to offer same day pick-up. So I emailed the buyer, and told her I would pay the full asking amount ($125 – What a Steal!) and pick up that night. It worked! She said she had about 20 emails requesting the dresser, but they all requested Saturday pick-up, so my offer won out!

Now there was no way this dresser was fitting in my little car, so I scheduled a U-Haul for pick up Tuesday night. U-Haul’s are $20, in town, so totally worth it. And we got our money’s worth on that U-Haul (more on that later).

By late Tuesday night, we were the proud owners of this beauty:



Since we had the U-Haul for 24 hours, we decided we might as well get our money’s worth. Wednesday morning we got up early and headed straight to Home Depot, before work, to pick up 16 pieces of drywall for the hallway and 2nd Guest Room. We needed it next week, but wanted to make the most of our U-Haul time. I headed to work after helping Collin unload and Collin returned the U-Haul.

Tuesday night after work, I got to work on the dresser. I wanted to paint it, and have had success in the past with my version of chalk paint on furniture. Chalk Paint allows you to paint without primer. This piece had been painted before (white) so I was able to paint over it no problem. To start, I mixed up the Chalk Paint. Add about 1/4 cup of Plaster of Paris to a mixing cup, stir in a little water to get it to a paste and add you flat paint (Any color):





(2 coats on the top 3, 1 coat on the bottom)

I stared by painting the drawers and then the base. I used a brush on the majority of the piece, but rolled the sides and top.

While the paint dried,  I started working on the drawer pulls. I was looking for leather pulls to bring a rustic modern vibe. The ones I liked were selling for $15 online for 2 – total of $75 for 11 pulls, crazy town. I wanted leather pulls, so I picked up a bag of leather scraps at Micheal’s (50% off coupon- $4.00 total) and some screws from Lowe’s.

First, you cut the leather down to 4 inch strips:


Fold in half:


And drill a pilot hole:


I added a screw + washer to add some detail. Screw that through both holes:




Then Attach to the drawer:



Final Product:



(Terrible Lighting – this was really late Wednesday night – and we don’t have any lights downstairs 🙂 ) 

I love it! I think it is masculine and will help ground the room. I can’t wait to get it upstairs, get the TV mounted and start filling it with clothes. I still need to finish the protective Wax coat, but am planning on working on that tonight. In total, the dresser cost us around $160 (Dresser, U-Haul, Paint and Leather Plus supplies), and honestly, it is better construction and way more our style then anything we saw in stores that were listed for well over $1000. I say that’s a win! Now to get it upstairs and start styling! Stay tuned!

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