Hallway Progress

This weekend we were able to start the hallway. I am so excited to not have to wear shoes to the bathroom in the middle of the night, because that hallway is a splinter or tetanus war zone.

Friday, Collin and I worked to demo the hallway wall to prep for Drywall.




All Done and Cleaned:



Saturday, the Twibell’s came to visit, so we spent the rainy afternoon and evening in old Ellicott City and back at a local bar for dinner and games. They left Sunday morning, so it was back to work putting this place back together.

We started by dry walling the ceiling:



Then Walls:



All Done:



We were even able to fit in a few hours at the pool across the street!

Monday morning, before work, Collin worked on spackling the seams and edges. We will take the next few days sanding and adding a 2nd and 3rd coat of Spackle to prep the walls for paint. Also, we will be Skim Coating the wall to the right (the plaster wall) to smooth it out to look just like drywall.

Today I am working on the pendant lights and sourcing a runner. The runner is difficult because this hallway is roughly 23 feet long, so the runner has to be pretty significant. Also, I think I might have the most brilliant/cheapest DIY of all time for 3 pendant lights, but I’m still figuring out if it’s going to work. We’ll see! 🙂


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