$18 Pendant Lights

As work in the hallway continues with floors and walls, I decided to start working on finding pendant lights for the hall. As I have mentioned before, the hallway is super long, narrow and dark, so when the electricians came we asked for 3 light rough-in’s to be installed, knowing that we could install lights at a later date.

For the design of the hallway lights, I was looking for somewhat of a geometric pattern, cage light. I figured a cage light would allow the maximum amount of light through and maybe even reflect some cool designs on the walls.

The $18 Pendant Light was born:


Let’s back up a little to purchasing lights. I scoured the internet with plenty of results that fit the bill. Mainly, this below light, that would have been ideal from Shades of Light – Young House Love Collection:


However, the light was $100.  That’s a great price, but I need 3 of them, and as Collin keeps lovingly reminding me, we apparently have a budget.

I figured I could DIY a cheaper version with a Pendant Light Kit from Home Depot and some type of Geometric Shape. So I headed off to Home Goods (no luck, since they don’t ever have 3 of anything) and then Target. Target had multiple options that would have worked, including the this, this and this. They were $20 each, much better. But I was still having concerns with how I was going to get them connected to the pendant kit.

On my way out of Target, I checked the Dollar Spot (as always) and they had these wire waste baskets:

IMG_0940 (1).JPG


They were $3, perfect size and could be spray painted oil-rubbed bronze to work perfectly. I grabbed 3 of them, all different colors and ran to the check-out line.

When I got home, I used wire cutters to snip off the handles:



And snip off the Label Holder:






Next, I used a 1.75″ metal drill tip to drill a hole in the bottom of the waste basket to fit the pendant kit. The metal on the waste basket is pretty thin, so it wasn’t an issue to drill the hole.




Next, I spray painted the baskets with Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze in thin coats and screwed the pendant kit in place.




(Check out that Sweet Wallpaper in the Living Room) 

I measured how low I wanted them to drop down from the ceiling. Mine were 8.5″ (remember, our ceilings are over 9 feet, so I want them to hang pretty low to feel more cozy). I added a few inches and cut the wires at that spot.


I do need to go back and make a few updates, specifically, painting the bulb socket, as seen below:


That little white area will drive me crazy. Also, I need to actually take this one down, let Collin finish the drywall and ceilings, paint and then re-install. But I was so excited to tell you guys all about how these pendants actually worked, I had to mount it for the post!

This weekend, the plan is to finish all of the drywall and sanding, possibly fit in some paint, and definitely lay the hardwood floors. We have never laid hardwoods before, so I’ll be sure to take a lot of pictures and detail out the process.

Have a great weekend!

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