Not Our Best Week

I didn’t post last week because I was borderline suicidal working on the hallway. Collin went out of town for work on Sunday morning, so I figured I’d work all day Sunday to paint the hallway walls and ceiling, approx work time – 4 Hours.

Yeah, ok.

Let’s fast forward to 5 days later and I was STILL painting the walls and ceiling. Basically, the plaster wall that we skim coated with spackle had a bunch of spots that we missed when sanding. I couldn’t see the spots until I painted the walls, but then I had to re-paint after patching the spots; double edged sword. This went on for 3 rounds: Patch, Sand, Paint, Patch, Sand, Cry … you get the picture.

5 days later and 2 gallons of fancy Sherwin Williams paint and here is what we are left with:


Honestly, it’s ok. It’s not glaring with imperfections, however the walls could use a few touch-up’s still. But, I’m over it. A hallway should never take this long to complete, so we’re moving on and will maybe someday comeback to it to re-assess.

Still to go in the hallway are caulking and painting the baseboard molding and getting the door molding and trim mounted around all 4 doors.

Also, during the week of Hallway-Hell, I was super frustrated and while waiting for spackle and paint to dry, this happened:


5 days ago, this was a totally functioning guest room, but not anymore! The ceilings were wallpapered (why??) and so were the walls. I spent a few hours taking down the wall paper and ripping down the ceiling. Then I got bored of that, so only half is done 🙂

This past weekend we had our Alley Party, kind of like a block party for us City folks, so we were busy entertaining all day, and night, Saturday. I was planning on a productive day Sunday, but I forgot about that Saturday night while 10 games deep in to beer pong. Probably the dumbest idea we’ve had in a while, but we are nothing if not competitive and refused to lose. Sunday consisted of the following for me (Collin had work – ugh):

  • 6+ Hours of Law and Order SVU
  • a 2 Hour Nap
  • Noodle Soup delivery
  • 10 PM bed Time

So while nothing got done Sunday, we can pretend that if there was a beer pong trophy for the 30+ crowd at a party full of recent college grads, we would have won it. Take that.

This week/weekend can only go up from here…


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