Reno A.D.D.

This weekend my college roomie came to visit, so Friday and Saturday (and some of Sunday), were spent deep in wine, food, girl talk and flo-yoga (Link for all you locals).

She left Sunday morning, and Collin was out of town, so it was time for me to get down to business for a full day of reno, except I didn’t really have a plan on the next steps. I had so many things I had to do or could do, but wasn’t in the mood for.

When I get in these funks, I try to just start something. Something that will be a morale booster, rather than the logical next steps. I started by adding some trim work to the hallway doors and caulking. I got 2 our of 4 done before I got bored of that. I have a really exciting idea to spruce up these doors on the cheap. Can’t wait, since it will make this hallway feel more complete.


Then I moved down to the Living Room. Not sure if I have shown that space on the blog before, but here is what it looks like when we purchased (the before):



We have a long way to go in this space, and it’s not really high on the priority list since we are trying to finish upstairs first. But this fireplace has bugged me since the day we moved in, and I was just sick of looking at it. Eventually, it will get pained in a color that coordinates with the room, but for now I just had to prime it:



Much Better!

Monday, Collin worked in the 2nd Bedroom taking down the rest of the ceiling, cleaning up the debris and ripping up the carpeting in there.


Dirtiest Job Ever:


This weekend coming up is a long weekend, so we planning on working extra hard to get this room in tip top shape and finish the hallway trim. We have guests coming the weekend of 9/17, so it needs to be functioning by that date.



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