Laboring Day Weekend

This weekend was a good balance of fun, progress and failures.

Friday started with getting out of work early, hitting happy hour and deciding last minute to walk over to Camden Yards for the O’s/Yankees Game! It was such a beautiful night for some baseball and beers and being walking distance to the stadium makes it a no-brainer.


Saturday, Collin had work. My goal was to work on the walls in the Guest bedroom. 2 of the walls in there are plaster and 2 walls are wallpapered hardboard. It is almost impossible to get wall paper off of the hardboard, and even if you do the wall is not really paintable.

I thought I was so smart and would be able to use Venetian plaster to cut down on some work time. Venetian plaster is sort of a colored plaster product that leaves a suede like effect on the walls. Its pretty cool and would allow me to not have to patch, sand, patch, sand, prime, paint. That sounded great, but didn’t work as planned. After testing a few areas, I would have had to do so many coats, it wasn’t worth it.  <— FAIL

I was pretty frustrated at this point, so decided to switch gears on to the headboard I have been working on. I am going to write up an entire post on that headboard, spoiler: it’s so cute!

When Collin got home from work we had to reassess the plan for the room, and decided to stop with the shortcuts and just finish the room right. So this happened:


We were able to rip down and re-mount the drywall on the hardboard walls all before dinner. We patched and got it prepped for Sunday. Then we headed out for dinner and drinks!


On Sunday morning, we walked Federal Hill and grabbed some coffee and bagels. Then it was back home to do a little work. We spent a few hours patching and sanding. It is tedious and messy, but we were done before lunch. We headed out to grab some brunch and Orange Crushes to feel a little more “Labor Day-ish”.

When we got home added screens to the windows, cleaned up, did some laundry and cooked a nice dinner. When we are renovating, these regular chores seem to fall to the bottom of the list, so it was nice to spend some time getting our house back in order.

Monday, Collin had work again, so woke up an went to Home Depot for paint and mouldings to get me through the day. When I got home, I sanded the window wall and new wall, caulked all of the mouldings and prepped for paint. It is so hard to take pictures in this room because of the windows and how small it is, but the paint turned out great!


I also painted the window mouldings, painted the closet door and added the farm-house mouldings and gave the bedroom door 3 coats of paint.


Monday night, Collin did the final patch on the plaster walls so that I can paint them Tuesday night.

This room is almost done, so we are going to really focus this week and hopefully have a full reveal after next weekend!


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