$0 Headboard

When we moved in to this house, we had a mattress, but no bed frame, for guests. I didn’t know where we were going to go with this room design-wise, so we just purchased a simple bed frame to hold the mattress and figured we get around to building something later.

Fast forward to last week when I was feeling extra crafty and decided a headboard would be a simple project to start. I knew I wanted to use only scrap wood because 1) We have piles of it 2) it’s free 3) if I had to make one more trip to Home Depot I was going to kill myself.

So, Scrap Wood Headboard it was!

To start, I gathered all of the 1″ thick scrap wood I had around the house. I laid them out next to each other until they measured 60″ (width of a queen size bed).

Once I had all of the pieces, I moved them around until I liked the varying pattern. Once I was set on the pattern, I numbered the boards to keep everyone in their place.


Next, I moved everything to the basement for staining. We have a lot of different stains on hand already from other projects. I just used paper towels and wiped the stain on in varying patterns. This is totally random and took approximately 15 minutes.


I let them dry overnight and came back after work the next day to attach them. I just glued and nailed them to another piece of scrap wood and let that dry overnight again.

The next day, I had to cut them down to size. I don’t have a pictures of that, but basically snapped a line from the shortest piece all the way across and cut it straight with the circular saw.

I needed it to be a bit higher to be able to show behind the pillows, so I stained and attached a top and bottom board. That white piece along the top was from the dresser re-do for a month back that we had removed. It made the perfect top decoration. Here it is all done drying in the basement:


It took about 2 Hours total over a few days and cost $0 <–Awesome!

Once the floors are installed in the Guest Bedroom, I will put the bed back in and decide on a height to hang this. We should be done with the full Guest Bedroom this weekend so stay tuned!

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