Guest Room Reveal!

We worked really hard the past week to finish the guest room (except Sunday because –  football). On Thursday Collin installed all of the hardwood floors. It took him about 8 Hours and was physically brutal, as expected from our hallway install. But they look amazing:


Friday and Saturday I worked on mouldings for hours! I installed all of the baseboard moldings, quarter round, door trim in the bedroom and finished off the all of the moldings in the hallway. After everything was cut and installed, I worked on caulking everything and giving it 2 coats of paint.

Moulding really does finish a room beautifully (don’t mind the too short window treatments, I returned them and bought the right size later in the post 🙂 ).


Saturday night we installed the headboard and started moving furniture back in.


Also, not sure if I showed the exposed ceiling in this room yet. When we ripped down the ceiling, we originally planned on re-drywalling it. But the beams and boards added to much character, we decided to leave it open. I love it, and feel like it totally makes the room!


As I said, Sunday was dedicated to Farmers Market’s, Bike Riding and Football, so nothing got done! Monday, I finished off the room with new blinds (as seen above) and gave the door another coat of paint.

Our guest room is now open for business, and gets its first visitors this weekend! I hope everyone that stays in this room feels at home and wants to come back to visit again soon!

Tuesday night I finally repainted the Hallway. It had a bunch of areas that needed to be patched and I wasn’t totally in love with the color we had chosen. Since I was obsessed with the bedroom color for the Guest Room, I brought that color to Home Depot and asked them to lighten it 50%. This will be a great neutral to use throughout the house. Here is the Finished Hallway:


And just in case this 2nd floor looks like its starting to come together, I thought I would leave you with a current picture of our other Guest Room/Office currently:



Collin will be taking care of that tomorrow on his day off. And yes, we step over all of that to get to the saw in the back to cut moulding and wood. Keepin’ it real over here…



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