Unplanned Demo Weekend

So this weekend, I totally screwed up and thought we were having company, when really it’s next weekend. I was left with a 3 day weekend, a clean house and absolutely no plans, which is a really dangerous zone for me.

Friday I had to work a little, but I also headed up to Ikea to check out a couch for the living room. I ran a few other errands before heading home to remove some wallpaper in the living room. After Collin got home from work, we headed to grab some sushi and called it a night.

At one point  on Friday night I was casually chatting with Collin about the living room. I mentioned how open it would look if we didn’t have a vestibule. Collin said “yeah, I guess” <– That’s a yes to me…

*For all non-Baltimorean’s, a vestibule is an area that was built in to the row houses at the turn of the 20th century. When you enter the front door, there was a small tiled entry “room” (3 ft by 3 ft square) before entering another door into the house.

Here is ours (as of Friday morning):


Its pretty closed off, the tile was in rough shape and it didn’t really serve any purpose.

So, Saturday morning Collin leaves for work and I estimate I have 8 hours to rip this thing out and clean up before he gets home and flips out. I started by removing the door, transom window and mouldings:


Then I cut a hole to check for electric before demoing the rest. There was some electric, but nothing I couldn’t move around.


All Done. I wanted to leave it at a half wall to see if Collin would prefer that or removing the whole wall instead. I think he was pleasantly surprised when he got home.

When I ripped down the beams to the right, where the tile meets the wall paper wall, the plaster just started to fall off the wall. I left it as is on Saturday.

Sunday morning we decided to keep working on this unplanned project. Since the plaster was begging to come off the wall, we decided to just expose the brick in the living room. We also decided to take down the half wall. We figured we could always rebuild it if we wanted a half wall there, but wanted to see how open it felt with it gone. Anastasia came over to help out.


Literally everything in our house had an inch layer of dust on it after this demo. But it was worth it:


*Ignore the weird 2 head thing I have going on, it was a panoramic picture

It feels so open and bright. And the stained glass view doesn’t hurt either.

Now we just need to get rid of the garbage and mess this project makes:



We have 4 days to get this house back to clean before company comes on Thursday. Wish  us luck, or send help 🙂




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