Living Room Updates

It’s been I while since I posted last. We have been entertaining guests the last 2 weekends, so not much house progress has gotten done!

Since the last post, we were left with unfinished brick,  a recently demo’d vestibule that had wires hanging in the middle of the floor and 2 truck loads of garbage that took over the living room.


First, and most importantly, we hired the garbage guy to come pick-up our trash since we were having people over that weekend. Then Collin turned his attention to the brick (as we last left off):


Collin worked on cleaning and sealing the brick. To do that, he started by clearing off all remaining dust and debris with 2 different brushes:



After that, he rolled on the sealer (we use this one) with a roller meant for uneven surfaces. Here is the progress shot:


Look at the difference! Left side is sealed, right is not.


All Done!

Another project that got some attention this week was the upstairs doors. They all needed to be primed and painted (3 coats). Right now they are curing, but after a few days, they will all get new hinges and door handles.


Finally, yesterday the electricians came to add lights to the Living Room! Once we finalized the furniture layout we could confirm the lighting location. In this room we decided on 1 chandelier centered on the fireplace. It looks silly in the picture below because it is obviously just a bulb hanging from the ceiling, but once the ceilings are dry-walled we can install the final fixture! They also moved the wires that were hanging and installed an outdoor light.


And here is where I would promise to blog more often, but not this week! We have a super fun week planned so there will be absolutely no house movement!


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