Collin’s Progress

I am writing this post, but want to make sure we all understand that I have nothing to do with any progress that has gotten done in the past 2 weeks. This was all Collin. I was travelling and Collin was still making progress and taking pictures for the blog.

Its been a few weeks since I updated here, so lets go back to where we left of. Last post we had just sealed the brick and gotten electrical installed. We left the day after that for 5 days in Nashville. We needed a mini-getaway and Nashville was the perfect retreat. We went to a concert, bike riding and some amazing hikes:




The following weekend, I left for New York. While I was gone, Collin had a pretty long list to keep him busy. He started by demoing the necessary walls in the 2nd Guest Room/Office. One wall in the room is plaster, which will just get the wallpaper removed, patched and painted. The window wall will just get drywalled right over. The door walls needed to be demo’d and re-drywalled to make sure they lined up with the door casings.



In addition to the Guest Room, the Living Room is being worked on at the same time (because we love chaos). There is a coat closet separating the formal living room from the more informal space at the back of the house. It’s a big deal to have a coat closet in these old Baltimore houses, so we are lucky, but the wallpapered walls have got to go. We attempted to remove the wallpaper, but it was a pain, so Collin just demo’d the closet walls and re-drywalled it.



And that brings us up to date this week. On Thursday, Collin rented a Home Depot Truck to go pick up 16 drywall sheets and get them in to the house. When I got home from work, we brought the drywall upstairs to start putting the Guest Room/Office back together. We got the 2 walls completed so far and have the ceilings and 2 more walls to complete tonight.


I’ll be back with another post this week to review this past weekend’s progress. Lots of momentum this week, with tons of progress planned. Let’s see how much we can get done!



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