Drywall for Days

This past weekend was less productive than I expected, but that’ll happen. We were dog sitting and football was on, so it was a slow weekend. I was able to get to Home Depot on Sunday, rent a pick-up truck, and bring home some additional drywall to finish off the Living Room Ceiling and 2nd Guest Room/Office, and get the paneling (yes, paneling) and 2×4’s for the fireplace build, but we didn’t get around to actually installing anything.

Backing-up, Saturday I had some contractors come by to give us quotes on finishing the drywall. In my opinion, Drywall is an art perfected over years of practice. Collin and I can patch drywall with little issue, but completing the full room’s walls and ceilings take us non-professionals so much time and create so much dust, it’s worth looking at hiring it out. I got the idea from a recent Young House Love Post where they explained saving money by hiring out just the finish work, and doing the drywall themselves.

Saturday morning a guy from Craigslist stopped by, scoped out the 2 rooms and saw that we actually know how to drywall. He quoted us $350 to finish both spaces and said it should take 2-3 days max. Done and Done!

Also this weekend, I had listed our fireplace for sale on Craigslist. This fireplace is actually not attached to our house so we sold it to a nice lady who came by to pick it up. The fireplace is 2″ Cement and weighed about 500 lbs. It was a process to get it out of our house, but its done and gone. We are ready to start rebuilding a real fireplace (well, gas).


Lastly, Collin was able to demo the cardboard-like ceiling tiles from the Living Room to prep for ceiling drywall on Monday. They came down no problem and all before the 1:00 Jets game!

As of Sunday night, here’s where we left off:



Yesterday (Monday) Collin spent the day hanging drywall. When I got home from work I helped, but we weren’t able to finish by before pure exhaustion and delusion set in.

Since the drywall guy was coming at 8 AM, that meant Collin and I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning to keep drywalling. It was not our finest morning, but its done and its looking sooooo good! Tom, the drywall guy, should be done on Thursday, so I hope to have some updated pictures by Friday. 🙂

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