Fireplace Wall and Faux Shiplap

Last we left off, our drywall guy finished sanding by Friday afternoon and the Living Room was looking like a disheveled mess. But the entire weekend was held for Living Room work, and we made more progress then I even expected.

I love the look of Shiplap, just like everyone else, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on installing, knowing down the line we might want to change it out. I figured the $10 paneling at Home Depot turned sideways would give the same effect, and be an easy alternative to shiplap. I was able to do the whole wall in 7 sheets, just about $70!

Collin had work Saturday morning, and my goal was to frame the fireplace wall and panel over the last remaining bits of floral wallpaper. I had made some measurements on how big I wanted to fireplace to be. To start, I had to make a level line across the room, to make sure the paneling lines would match-up as I moved across the wall. Once this was in place, I cut 5 pieces of the paneling to 4.5 feet wide. I used my nail gun to attach to the studs in the wall.



Once the 2 sides were complete, I started on framing out the fireplace. We are planning on installing a Vent-Free Gas fireplace. I have it picked out and downloaded the specs before framing to ensure a perfect fit.

First, I needed to frame the side pieces:


Don’t worry, that air vent is not functioning, they actually moved it to the right in the floor instead 🙂

Then, I created the opening for the fireplace, adding a few inches on each side for a tile surround:


I forgot to take a picture, but after this, I added some center supports for the mantel.To end the day, I added the paneling to the lower portion of the fireplace surround:


Then I ran out of wood. So we called it a day when Collin got home from work and went out to dinner instead :).

Sunday morning we got up pretty early. Before we left for a Home Depot run and some errands, we wanted to get the primer coat on the ceilings, so that when we got home later, we could paint the ceilings the final coat. After the primer was done, we headed out for some breakfast, Home Depot and a little shopping.

After we got home, Collin and I finished framing the top of the fireplace and installing the paneling:


We added the center support (you can kind of see it below), to be able to hang a mirror, or wreath or whatever else floats my boat. Can’t wait to decorate this area!



We took a break to catch the end of the Jets game at a friends house. When we got home it was painting time! I primed the fireplace wall, while Collin painted the ceiling. The ceiling paint goes on Pink and dries White, so it looks crazy in this picture:



To end the day, we painted the walls in Tawney Grey (same color as the upstairs hallway). We ran out of sunlight, so I don’t have a final picture.

The goal for this week is to caulk and paint the fireplace and try to find some old old wood for a mantel. The fireplace will still need corner edges, but that cannot be installed until after the floors are re-done and baseboards are installed. We are totally booked next weekend, but floors are on the horizon!



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