Mantel Love and Flooring Update

We went to New York for a few days this past weekend for Collin’s birthday. Although driving back and forth to NY multiple times a year gets a little tiring, we have found that we basically make all major life decisions in the car. And while Collin would love to just listen to the radio and zone out, I whip out a notepad and can plan anything from annual finances to house reno in the 4 hour trip (#TypeA).

On this particular trip, we were chatting about the next house steps and other major projects coming up. Initially, we were planning on replacing all of the floors throughout the first floor to make the whole house consistent. We would be going from wood floors in pretty good condition, but not the color we like, to wood floors in great condition. After calculating the costs and seeing that it would push purchasing furniture and bathroom reno’s out a few months, we decided to hold off on the new floors for now.

This causes a new issue: we didn’t put down any drop cloths during drywall since we were planning on replacing the floors <– Major Fail! Here is the floors as of last week:


That is a mixture of drywall, fallen ceiling paint and dust.

When we got back to Baltimore Sunday night, we decided to take an hour and see if we could clean the floors up to being presentable again. With just some soap, water and a scrubby sponge we were able to get the majority of the gunk up. We also went in with a razor to scrape up any paint drips or stubborn drywall. I finished by using a hardwood floor cleaner to clean the floors. This weekend, after we do more work, we will reseal the floors using this product. We have used it before with great results.

Yesterday, I headed over to Second Chance. It is a local warehouse that sells reclaimed wood, furniture, appliances, pretty much anything you can think of, but second-hand. I knew they would have a great piece of wood I could turn in to a mantel.

After 10 minutes, this beauty was all mine:


Here it is all mounted:


Close Up:


They did require that I purchase the whole piece (12 Feet), so I have another 6 feet that I can find something to do with. But this was probably the best $38 I ever spent.

I have finally started ordering some things for the room (rug, chandelier, blinds) and this weekend will be jam packed with projects.

I’ll leave you with my to-do list to get this room complete:

– Baseboards

– Crown Moulding

– Tile Entryway

– Tile Around Fireplace

– New Column near door to enclose light switches

– Closet and Basement Door Moulding

– Furniture!




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