Tile for Days

Last week and this weekend we were able to get so much done. I can really see the finish line on this Living Room! We still have a few more days of work ahead of us, but we should be moving furniture in by the end of this week!

Today’s post we can review all of the tile from last week! There were 2 areas that needed tiling, the fireplace surround and the entry way floor. We used the same method for both tile jobs. Since we were installing small, mosaic tiles, we could use the same tools and grout, saving some money on both projects.

We started with the fireplace. We had already framed the surround area to allow for the gas insert to fit based on the spec sheet. The first step was to measure and cut backer board that will act as the base for the tile. Collin cut the backer board with a razor. Once he was done, we secured the backer board to the framing.


Next, we used a notched trowel to apply pre-mixed mortar to the backer board. We made sure to apply to small areas so that we could mount the tile without it drying out.


(Check out that sweet cut off Petco tee –  I’m basically a fashion designer too) 

We used this tool as needed to cut any tile to fit the edges. It took about an hour to finish the fireplace surround. Here is what it looked like before grout:


We came back to that area Thursday night to grout. We mixed the black grout and applied it using a grout float. After a few minutes, we used a sponge to wipe it off and clean the tile. Here is the end result:


Saturday, it was back to more tile. We decided to use small hexagon tiles for the entry way to keep with the age of the home. The house was built in 1905, so it was important that the entry tile reflected that. BUT, we wanted to modernize it a little to go with the rest of the house. I picked up a few sheets of the Hex tile and played around for a few days to get the pattern I wanted. Once I decided I loved it, I used the same method as above to tile the entry way floor. Since the tile there was stable, not chipped and flat, we could lay the new tile right over top.


I removed the white tiles from the sheet where I wanted to add black tiles. Here are some final pictures of the tile being laid. We still need to grout, hoping to finish that today.




Later this week I’ll have updates on the column we built, crown molding install and patching and sealing the floors.

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