Revived Wood Floors

Backing it up a bit, remember way back when we got the drywall done and we were all like “No need for a drop cloth, we’re getting new floors, yay!”?

And then we didn’t get new floors… Yeah that was fun…

So we spent a super fun Sunday night scrubbing the hardwoods like Cinderella with a scratchy sponge, water with a little dish soap and a razor to get off all of the paint and drywall bits all while mumbling that this could have been avoided if we just put down a $5 drop cloth. Once that was done, we still had some projects to do before sealing the floors, so they sat semi-clean for about a week.

Finally, this weekend we felt like we were ready to seal the floors. Before we started, we needed to patch up one area near the basement door. I am assuming the previous owners had some type of area rug or mat in front of the door and used that rug tape to keep it from slipping. Except the rug tape will not budge, so we needed to take more drastic measures, like sanding the floors down and re-staining.

To start, I sanded the 3 lines with my hand sander and 150 grit sandpaper:



Then I just used a paper towel and some Golden Oak stain to fill in the sanded areas:


Not perfect, but definitely better!

We were finally ready to start sealing. We cleared out the room and swept up all loose debris/dog hair. Then we used some basic hardwood floor cleaner and a swiffer to clean the floors really really well. This is what we were left with:


Next, we used this Magical product in High Gloss to seal. You start by making big “S” shapes, and then wipe on using a micro-fiber swiffer/mop head.


I mopped us right out of the house, kept a baby gate up to keep the dog contained, and we went out to lunch. By the time we got back, we applied the second coat. It only needs an hour to dry before walking on and 2 hours before a second coat. Tonight I will start moving furniture back in, but for now, look at these glorious floors:



And just for kicks, a little side by side action:


This week is a short week since we’ll be in NY for Thanksgiving, but was able to paint the crown moulding and door moulding last night. The goal is to be done by this weekend. I am pushing right in to decorating for Christmas, so there will be no real before an after without Christmas decorations, but ’tis the season, so whatever 🙂


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