Secret TV in the Master Bedroom

Heading back to a room we haven’t seen in a while, I had some time this weekend so decided to do something about the TV on the wall in the Master Bedroom. Some people are all “No TV in the bedroom” and I’m all “but I love Law and Order SVU more than Collin and he won’t watch it 24/7, so mind your business.”

But, the TV is not pretty, regardless of how much Law and Order it plays, so I had this idea to cover it with a large picture we have had for a while. The picture is of Collin, myself and JoJo at our wedding location before we got married, taken by my mother in law on her iPhone. I sent it to Staples to have it blown up to an engineer print. They are awesome and will print anything really big for $2-$3. It was put in an Ikea frame.

To start, I measured the frame and cut some scrap wood to fit in a box shape behind the frame. I used my KregJig to attach the frame together along with some glue and let it dry.


Next, I figured out where it would hang on the wall and cut a stud to fit inside the frame. I pre-drilled and leveled to attach the stud to the wall.


I used small hinges to attach the frame to the box:


I also drilled a 2″ hole in the bottom for the TV wires to go through.

Once everything was built, I took the TV off of the wall mount and attached the box and frame to the stud. I screwed the box to the stud from the top to make sure it wouldn’t shift around.


At this point it was moving at the bottom, so I cut 2 scrap pieces and drilled/screwed them in each corner.

Here is the Before:


Here is the After (Open and Closed):



Not only does it hide the TV, but since it is bigger, it adds some much needed weight to this side of the room. The frame was a little warped from being in storage, so I will pick up a new one next time I am at Ikea. That should square off the upper left corner. Also, if I get around to it, I will probably paint the box black to match the frame. For now, its done 🙂

Our Most Expensive Before and After, So Far …

We have officially had our most expensive before and after, and it’s totally boring.

Right after Thanksgiving we were planning on turning on our heat. We have central forced heat in our house, and since we are connected on both sides to other houses, it just doesn’t get that cold. The temperature in Baltimore has been pretty mild up until now, so we just kept forgetting to turn the heat on. Last week, we decided it was finally out right chilly in our house, so we flicked on the thermostat, and nothing happened…

Both Collin and I thought it was probably something simple, like a pilot light and we would troubleshoot it when we had a little bit of time. A day or two later, after wearing sweatshirts to bed, we took a look and realized we have absolutely no idea what we were doing. So the next day, Collin called the pro’s to make an appointment for a service to fix the furnace up for winter.

They finally came out yesterday, just in time before the expected 25 degree high weekend. It was not a regular winter service, or a simple pilot light. It was the control board, which was apparently an $800 expense. Our furnace is from 2004, and during our home inspection, we knew it would have to be replaced eventually. Since we really didn’t want to invest $800 in to a 12 year old furnace, we quickly called out a few other HVAC companies to give us some quotes on a replacement unit and install. The company we went with was able to come out today to do the install.

A few thousand dollars later, here are the before an afters I know you all have been on the edge of your seat waiting for:





Ta-da! Life changing, right!

Now please come over so I can show them off to you IRL (that means in real life, mom, and Collin)! Exciting times in Home Renovation!

(que eyeroll here…)

Living Room Furniture and Office Updates

Hello … Anybody there??

Its been 2 weeks since my last post, but in my defense, I have only been home for more than 24 hours twice during that 2 week period. Between Thanksgiving, a work trip to Nova Scotia and some much needed family time, things are beginning to settle down right before the Christmas craziness starts.

Lets start with some Living Room updates. We purchased this IKEA couch for the living room and this rug and this light fixture from Overstock. I am obsessed with all of them. The only thing we changed was on the light fixture. It comes in 2 pieces, the metal and a glass insert. When we hung the metal frame only, the glass made it seem too formal.


Please ignore the dog hair all over the couch. Apparently, this was just a really expensive dog bed. Also, the rug looks really pink in this picture. It is much more muted red in real life.

We did have time to get started on some Christmas decorations. These are all leftover from our previous house, so next Christmas we will probably need to invest in some new decor. For now, it’s not too shabby:


After the holidays we are going to come back to this room to finish buying furniture and decor. We still need 2 sitting chairs and a mirror above the fireplace, as well as a bench near the door. Before Christmas I am planning on ordering the Fireplace insert and will write a post on how we made that decision.

Besides the living room, Collin has been working super hard on the 2nd Guest Bedroom/Office. The drywall was done in that room when we hired the drywall guy a few weeks ago and then it kind of sat dormant as we worked on the living room. There was one wall in there that we needed to decide what to do with.


It was a plaster wall with wallpaper on it that was refusing to come off. We discussed maybe paneling over it (similar to the fireplace) or trying to plaster over it, but we couldn’t decide. Then I left for Nova Scotia for 3 days and came home to this:


The picture is blurry because the room is filled with that much dust! 

Collin decided to remove the plaster and refinish the brick. We are on the “there is never enough exposed brick” team. Also, it is basically free to do and makes such an impact in a room. It makes the mess totally worth it.

The plan is for Collin to continue to work to clean and seal the brick. I am going to try to prime and paint the room and ceiling this weekend. The last few pieces would be floors, crown moulding and door mouldings. I am hoping for this room to be done before Christmas, or at the latest, New Years.

I promise to keep you better updated!