Our Most Expensive Before and After, So Far …

We have officially had our most expensive before and after, and it’s totally boring.

Right after Thanksgiving we were planning on turning on our heat. We have central forced heat in our house, and since we are connected on both sides to other houses, it just doesn’t get that cold. The temperature in Baltimore has been pretty mild up until now, so we just kept forgetting to turn the heat on. Last week, we decided it was finally out right chilly in our house, so we flicked on the thermostat, and nothing happened…

Both Collin and I thought it was probably something simple, like a pilot light and we would troubleshoot it when we had a little bit of time. A day or two later, after wearing sweatshirts to bed, we took a look and realized we have absolutely no idea what we were doing. So the next day, Collin called the pro’s to make an appointment for a service to fix the furnace up for winter.

They finally came out yesterday, just in time before the expected 25 degree high weekend. It was not a regular winter service, or a simple pilot light. It was the control board, which was apparently an $800 expense. Our furnace is from 2004, and during our home inspection, we knew it would have to be replaced eventually. Since we really didn’t want to invest $800 in to a 12 year old furnace, we quickly called out a few other HVAC companies to give us some quotes on a replacement unit and install. The company we went with was able to come out today to do the install.

A few thousand dollars later, here are the before an afters I know you all have been on the edge of your seat waiting for:





Ta-da! Life changing, right!

Now please come over so I can show them off to you IRL (that means in real life, mom, and Collin)! Exciting times in Home Renovation!

(que eyeroll here…)

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