New Old Chairs

The Christmas Tree bought me a little bit of time to keep searching for chairs for the living room, but with the Holidays over, it was time to get serious about the 2 chairs. The living room chairs were tough to find. I was searching for something smaller scale, not too heavy looking and light in color, since the couch and rug are dark. I looked everywhere from Wayfair to Craigslist, but it is hard to see them online and not in person. I was also popping in to our local Restore weekly to see if they had anything used that could be recovered. Restore is a donation based shop, similar to Good Will, but they only sell furniture and building materials. It is hit or miss and the stock changes daily.

Last Thursday I stopped by on my weekly trip to check if they had anything new and I found not 1, but 2 perfect chairs! The upholstery on both were literally disgusting, but that could be fixed. The wood was in great condition and the chairs felt sturdy. I didn’t even check if they were comfortable since they were so gross I didn’t want to sit in them. But for $20 and $25 respectively, they were mine.

We picked them up on Tuesday, since we already had a UHaul (we came home from Christmas with a couch, but that’s for another post). Here they are in all of their glory:


I started with the easy one, on the left. When I unscrewed the seat the following fell out (WARNING: this is gross):

  • A Single Tums
  • 2 Pens
  • An Old Penny
  • A Stocking (ughhh)
  • Some small children’s toys
  • An Earring

So after gagging and deeply cleaning all of the wood, I laid the seat upside down on piece of fabric.


Next, I used the staple gun to attache the fabric to the seat and trimmed the excess fabric:


I reattached the seat to the base of the chair:


To make the chairs look like they are from the same family, I decided to add a nail trim detail to both. You can pick up the Nail Trim at Joanne’s. To start, just measure the trim and cut to size:


Every 4 spots has a hole for you to nail in the loose nails to secure to the seat. Use a hammer and just tap them in making sure you are hitting some type of wood and that it stays even.


1 down, 1 to go:


I’m not even going to try to give you any details on how the second chair got upholstered since it was almost impossible, took me forever and I was cursing and throwing things. Long story short, it got done. Here’s the after:

It is not perfect, but cute enough, so we’ll move on. My tip: Buy Chairs that have removable seats (like chair number 1)

Don’t they look great together:


Overall, this project cost $81 for both chairs! When I was shopping online, we were looking at over $200 PER CHAIR! I’ll call that a success!

This week we have plans to really get back in to Reno-Mode and finish the brick in the upstairs bedroom and install the fireplace insert!

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