Random House Updates

Happy Friday All!

Today’s post is a mish-mash of random house happenings since Christmas. Lots of little things are getting done, but nothing really worthy of its own post, so I decided to just save them up for one big updates post instead.

  1. Electric Fireplace Insert

For Christmas my in-laws gifted us with this fireplace insert. It was such a welcome surprise and really complete’s the front living room. It is electric and give off heat, perfect for cold January nights!


2. We have been playing a bit of musical furniture in this room and others to see what works. We have landed on keeping the glass coffee table in the front Living Room and moving the leather ottoman to the family room.


3. New Sectional in the Family Room!

So my Aunt and Uncle graciously sent down their practically new sectional for us to use while are still figuring out the back of the house and its layout. This was a game changer! Our old sofa only seats 3 at most. This new sectional is perfect for entertaining, football games and even a cozy night in.

This back Family room needs so much work still. Wallpaper needs to be removed (obviously already started, but couldn’t reach the tops and was too lazy to get a ladder), ceilings need to be re-done and there is literally zero light in here aside from 2 lamps. It is a black hole of a room, but I think we are leaning towards making it the kitchen. We shall see!


4. Trash Removal

We had about a million pounds of trash removed that we had been saving up in a “Trash Room”, also know as our future family room. Although there are no pictures and some may not deem that blog-worthy, too bad. It costs us a lot of money ($100 per load) and a lot of strength loading and unloading the pick-ups, so you all get to hear all about it!

5. 2nd Guest Room

Although the Living Room is a disaster, there is an even worse room upstairs. The 2nd Guest Room/Office has been an afterthought since we bought the house. On Demo Day #1 (Back in June) we ripped up the carpet in here and then left it untouched. When we had drywallers come back in October for the front/formal Living Room, we had them drywall and sand the 2nd Guest bedroom. After that, Collin did expose the brick in that room. Up until now, it has been a dusty, messy room that held garbage and made the rest of the upstairs dusty as well.

We decided this room needed to be a priority because the dust was literally everywhere upstairs and I was going crazy. So this week, Collin cleaned the room and painted the ceilings and walls. The paint is still wet in the below pictures, but its a basic cool gray color. We are not sure what this room is going to end up as, so we just picked a neutral color get on the walls, knowing that we would probably repaint down the line.

This weekend, I am going to pick up some crown moulding. The plan is to get the crown moulding up and painted, doors back on the room and the closet and finally put some hardwood floors down. Hoping that this will contain the dust and finish this room off, even though there is no furniture to put in it 🙂 !


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