Office Hardwood Floors

Last week I was out of town for work, so this weekend Collin and I worked extra hard to make sure we made some progress on the unfinished Office space upstairs (or Guest Room 2, if we have more than 1 friend at a time). Below is a Panoramic shot while standing in the doorway, closet to the left, little window to the right:


Last we left off, the room walls and ceiling got painted. Collin picked up the hardwood floors during the week to let them start acclimating. Basically, with any wood-type flooring, you need to give it time to adjust to the humidity and moisture in your home. The wood will either swell or compress during this time. This seems really fancy, but basically it means bring the floors in to the room they are going to be installed in and let them sit there for 3-5 days before installing. If you do not do this, the product could expand of contract after install, which would be terrible! That can leave your brand new floors to buckle or create gaps between boards.

Moral of the Story: Acclimation is VERY important.

On Saturday, while the wood did its thing, I worked on giving the doors a final coat of paint and attaching hardware and hinges. I also went to the store to grab the underlayment and mouldings for that room.

Finally on Sunday we were ready to work! After breakfast, I ran to Home Depot to rent the Hardwood Floor Stapler while Collin laid down the underlayment. He just rolled it out and stapled it to the sub-floor.


The first row is the most important. Since we are working off of the hallway floors, its needs to be tight with that floor, but also very straight! Since we are working with 100+ year old house/walls, that is never the case. We might be able to make it straight and level, but if the wall is crooked, the floors are going to appear crooked. So the key was to try to eyeball it. We tried to make it as straight as possible, but not look crazy against the walls.

The first 2 rows require the nail gun to secure the boards, since we can’t fit the big stapler in that tight of an area, but the rest of the room flew by with the use of the stapler. For more details on how we lay hardwood floors, check out this post from this summer! 


It was all moving along great, until we realized we were about 1 box of materials short (25 Square Feet). By the way, that’s the worst! Now we need to go pick up another box of hardwoods, let them acclimate all over again, re-rent the stapler for another day, and then finish off this project.


I was able to start working on the mouldings around the doors, continuing the same Farmhouse mouldings that we have everywhere else in the house. I also completed the moulding around the window and built a little sill. All of this still needs to be caulked, primed and painted.


Finally, Monday, Collin was able to seal the brick with the brick sealer. This keeps it from being dusty and keeps the brick in good condition.

Today we plan on getting the crown moulding up. Should be fun with those crooked walls!

Over next week/weekend, we will finish the floors, caulk and paint the moulding and crown and install a window treatment. We are hoping for this room to be complete after this week, with full Before and Afters posted next week!

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