Master Bedroom Spring Update

So after last week’s marathon of renovation, today is my last day before my new job starts. I am happy to report I finished everything I wanted to get done with my time off. The main goals were to finish the Office and come back around to the Master Bedroom to finish some large and detail projects that we never got to.

On Friday, we left off with the floors getting refinished and drying. Friday was my last day of work at my old job, so I had to be in the office and then my co-workers got together for a little farewell happy hour. So nothing got done on Friday 🙂

Saturday, Collin worked, so I spent the morning putting the rooms back together. I moved in the area rug and furniture  and cleaned the space top to bottom. I also worked on installing the frame around the TV, the quarter round moulding and the moulding around the door and window.

Sunday, Collin and I spent all day around the house, cleaning, organizing, cooking and meal prepping for the week. We finished all of the touch up paint upstairs and caulk and moved all tools to the basement.

Now for the after pictures of the Master:





The Master still needs window treatments and a new chandelier, but everything else is complete!

Overall, this past few days off has put us ahead on the renovations big time! Now we can totally focus on the downstairs (aside from the bathroom, which I will not even begin to show you until the after – think pink tile and maroon jacuzzi tub). I think the next project on the list might be the kitchen, so get excited! 🙂


Week of Blog Posts – Day 5

We made it! 5 days, 5 blog posts. It might not seem like a lot to you, but it is hard to keep progress on the house, and blog about the whole thing, especially when your normal blogging schedule, or lack thereof, averages out to once every 9 days. I needed a goal to help me get back on track, and this week was the ticket!

Thursday morning we were able to get the third and final coat of the Minwax Complete on the Master Bedroom Floors. They look great! They are absolutely not perfect, but they are almost exactly the same color as the hallway, and that helps the house feel more open with better flow.

Check out the before and after:

They are definitely shinier in the master, but overall, I think it works great!


I totally read the can wrong and it says we can reinstall rugs and furniture after 72 Hours – duh! So that’s exciting.

The rest of the tasks in this room:

  • Headboard Re-Do for Spring/Summer
  • Window Treatments
  • 1/4 Round installed
  • Door Moulding

After the floors were done, I spent the afternoon walking a few miles with Anastasia and heading out to lunch. When I got back home, I had to work for a little bit.

Around 4:30, I was able to start on the next project. We initially installed this great TV Cover with an IKEA frame. I mentioned in the post, the frame had become warped over time, and we were going to pick up a new one. Well guess what! They don’t make that size anymore, so I had to move on to Plan B.

I needed to build my own frame to the specification to fit the TV Cover. This method could be used to build ANY frame, big or small. It works so well!

I cut the pieces of wood (1×3’s) to the correct length and at a 45 degree angle.


I still used the Matte and the Clear Protector from the IKEA Frame, as they were not damaged. Next, I used my Kreg Jig to Pre-Drill the holes:


Next I used wood glue and Kreg Jig Screws to secure the frame together. And yes, I do wood working on the living room rug because it’s the only place in the house that I can work and watch Law and Order.



I used picture clasps and a piece of paneling cut to size to attach together:



After that it just needed to dry for a little, and be stained:


I stained it using Minwax Provincial stain:


I actually think that adding some wood element to that wall will balance the room. From here, I need to mount this, and paint the outside of the frame to match the wall color. I am also going to restain some new boards for around the headboard to match so that we can keep the wood tones in the room the same color. I’ll post the rest of the room updates Monday. By then we should be close to done with the upstairs!


Week of Blog Posts – Day 4

So, remember yesterday when the office was looking all clean and cute. Well that lasted all of about 5 hours before it turned in to Master Bedroom Storage room!


We decided to tackle a new-to-us technique of re-staining the floors with Minwax Complete. You will remember back in this post, we sanded and stained the floors, without any real goal of trying to match anything. Fast forward a few months and we selected the hardwoods that will flow throughout the house. They are a complete mis-match to the bedroom floors:


We didn’t spend a ton of money to re-finish the floors the first time, probably under $100, so I don’t feel too guilty of trying again. This time I googled looking for a product that would get me to the color I needed without a ton of work. I can’t promise we might come back to these floors in the future, just to reinstall new floors, but I want to see how the less expensive alternative turns out first.

To start, I looked at the Minwax PolyShades product. It is a Stain and Poly in one and is great if you are looking to go from lighter to darker, but after reading reviews, it is really not suggested for floors.

The next product I found, was Minwax Complete. This is similar to the PolyShades, but is meant for floors. There are limited colors and I can only purchase online, which is a huge risk. But for $65, I figured it would be worth it and ordered a gallon of the Brandywine color.

To start, Collin and I cleaned out the bedroom and scrubbed the floors clean. I also lightly sanded with a 180 grit sandpaper, just to give it something to hold on to. If you are going from Darker to Lighter floors, you would need to go through the full process of sanding down to the bare wood, as discussed in my earlier post. Going from Lighter to Darker floors can be done with just a quick screening (High Grit Sandpaper).

Finally ready.

We used a stain applicator pad to smooth on the stain/poly. Collin did the smoothing (?) and I worked with the paint brush to get close to the edges. It is not the easiest product, its a little fincky, but once you get the hang of it it moves pretty fast.



We completed the first coat in about 30 minutes:


Then, we waited 2 hours before applying the second coat.



We are doing the final coat this morning. The can says 7 days until furniture can go back in, but I’m thinking that might be a bit of an exaggeration. We’re going to give it 3 days or so. I can’t live like this for 7 days, plus I go back to work in 5 days, so the countdown to get this house in order is on right now 🙂




Week of Blog Posts – Day 3

Day 3! Halfway there!

Yesterday I made less progress than expected. Mainly because I am still transitioning work projects, so I was working more than I had anticipated, but that’s ok. Not every day is going to be a huge win for the to-do list.

I spent the morning finishing painting on the office mouldings. All of the baseboards needed a coat of paint and there was one section of crown moulding that hadn’t been completed yet, so that got painted as well.

After that, I headed out to Ikea. This office needed some furniture to make it function, but we didn’t want to spend a ton. Basically, if we ever have kids, this will become a nursery, so the pieces I chose for the office had to be able to work in other areas of the house at a later date. I picked up a $50 Area Rug (not shown online – only in stores), these Table Legs ($15 each) and a Table Top ($9)

For under $90, we were able to finish this cute, useful area:




The best part about the desk is that it is easy to take a part. The top is just basically sitting on the legs with sticky pads. If we have multiple people in town for overnights, we have an air mattress that can get set up in room. The desk just needs to be moved and a queen size air mattress will fit right in.

At this point, this room is officially DONE! It feels great to have another done room in the house, especially since I do work from home a lot. I should have done this room earlier! It was so nice to be able to work yesterday from a real desk and not the couch!

After my Ikea trip and setting up the room, I had some real work to do. Like my actual job, which lasted until about 5:30.

When Collin got home from work we picked up a pizza and vegged out on the couch watching movies. I had hoped to get more done yesterday, but today should be better, hopefully 🙂




Week of Blog Posts – Day 2

Day 2 and still going strong! Its a miracle!

So yesterday’s cliff hanger left us on the edge our renovation seats waiting to see what room is getting revisited for the 2nd time since we moved in 8 months: The Master Bedroom!

The Master was the first room we worked on when we moved. As the house progresses, it starts to take on a specific style and flow, and the bedroom just isn’t fitting anymore. Originally, the bedroom was a little bit contemporary with gray walls and modern fabrics. The rest of the house is taking more of a neutral rustic vibe, that we love. It’s time for the bedroom to match.

Let’s remember the before:


Good news is that this is an easy fix! No major construction, no drywall or mouldings, just some simple cosmetic updates to make this room more us!

Let’s back up to Sunday:

Sunday’s weather was crazy warm again, 70 degrees! Collin had off, and we wanted to spend as much time as possible outside,so we spent the morning grabbing breakfast a local coffee shop and walking around town a bit. When we got home, we worked to clean up the front of the house and scrub all of the outdoor furniture to prep it for Spring. We were able to sneak out for some lunch and afternoon cocktails before food shopping. Around 5 PM, it was a little too early for dinner, but we were both a little bored. So being the ever supportive husband that he is, he agreed to paint the bedroom before dinner!

Reminder: Since we paint so often, it only takes up about an hour to paint a room of this size. That’s why he agreed to do this 🙂 We didn’t even bother to clean the room first, just got to work!

I had purchased the paint earlier this week, Tawney Grey, same color as almost every other room. To keep the flow, the Guest Bedroom and Master Bedroom are in Tawney Grey and the hallway and living room are in Tawney Grey lightened 50% from the paint store. This keeps the bedrooms slightly more dramatic, but consistent flow keeps the house feeling large. The color goes on really green, but dries in to a darker green/gray.

I cut the edges, Collin rolls the walls:


*Please Note the necessary Sunday cocktails on the dresser: Fresh Orange Crushes make the painting go by faster!





The rest of this room refresh to-do list:

  • Darken the floors to better match Hallway
  • Replace Frame around TV to something wood
  • Paint the moulding around the door
  • 1/4 Round around the base of the room
  • Headboard update (?)
  • Bedside tables – if possible

The budget for this refresh is $250.00 – so far, we are $30 down with the wall paint!

Monday I worked on finishing up the office. To start, I mounted the window treatment, a cordless cellular shade. Install drove me a little crazy, but I got it done eventually.


I also painted a piece of furniture that we have been using as linen storage. It has been sitting in the living room, which is less than convenient when you forget new towels until after a shower. So it was time to move this piece upstairs, and the office was the perfect spot.

A little back story, this is an antique dresser that we got out of somebody’s garbage. We were living at my parents house and were driving home from the beach and saw it on the side of the road. We had to call my in laws to come help, since it was bigger than could fit in my car, but we got this baby home and it has served us well! We initially painted it a grey/teal color, but yesterday it went antique white with little pull knobs. Of course, I was 3 knobs short, so a trip back to Hobby Lobby is in my future 🙂



The last thing on the list on Monday was to finish the last piece of baseboard moulding and install some 1/4 Round moulding. The trickiest part of this was under the vent. I Lovveeeee that original vent cover, but it was un-level. I believe it is because it is installed in brick, so the past owners had to carve out the brick. It’s a little annoying, but we bought this house because of the old character and charm. Its never going to be perfect, so I had to build out the baseboard moulding on the angle. It will have to do 🙂



Tuesday’s goals are to finish painting the baseboard moulding in the office, build the master bedroom TV Frame and finish the door moulding in the master. Hopefully, by the end of the day today, the Office will be officially D-O-N-E! Fingers Crossed!

Week of Blog Posts – Day 1

The past 2 weeks have been crazy! Starting with a Surprise 60th Birthday for my mom, a family trip to Florida for 5 days, deciding to move forward with a new job opportunity, Valentine’s Day and my Birthday, absolutely nothing has happened on the house. But, in better news, since I am in between jobs, I have an unexpected 13 days off! My plan is to finish every single detail upstairs in the office and our Master, and blog about the whole thing more consistently this week. So get ready for some update overloads.

To keep these posts organized, I’m going to run through the updates in chronological order. Today’s post will be extra long, but after today, I should be back up to date and able to write shorter but more detailed posts. Before last week, we finished laying the hardwood floors in the bedroom and the closet and completed the moulding around the closet doors. That brings us in to last Thursday.

I spent Thursday morning caulking all of the mouldings around the doors and window. I also started cutting and installing the baseboards. Collin got home from work a little early and was up for some crown moulding, so we got started on cutting and mounting the crown.



Friday, I caulked the crown moulding and got started on painting the mouldings around the room. I also painted inside the window.




Saturday morning I headed to Home Depot early to pick up some necessities. There were a lot of little projects to finish in the office. To start, I changed out all of the outlets. They were originally beige and I changed them out to the white ones and added the outlet plates. While I had the electricity off, I updated the light fixture to something simple, but better than the hanging bulb. Eventually, we will update the fixture to something more permanent, but for now, this will do. I also kept moving forward with the painting of the crown moulding.


**Yes, we were one piece short on the baseboard – ugh

Saturday night it was 65 degrees outside so once Collin got home from work, we decided not to do any house updates, but rather go for an insane 6 mile walk all around the city and grab dinner. It was too nice to be stuck inside.

I’ll post Sunday and Monday in tomorrows post. Its a good one, and involves us maybe re-doing a room that was already declared complete… maybe. 🙂


Office Updates and Living Room Pretty-Ness

This weekend I had grand plans of finishing off the Office. That was thrown a little off track on Saturday morning. Collin had work, so after breakfast I headed off to HobLob (Hobby Lobby for you New Yorkers) to pick up one or two things. Two hours later I was still aimlessly wandering the aisles grabbing anything that sparked some inspiration. It was magical, and I picked up a ton of goodies for the living room.

When I got home with my Hobby Lobby finds, I decided to completely empty the living room to do a deep clean of the floors and decided if I wanted to change out the rugs or furniture from around the house.

After the room was empty, I started with the entry area. I grabbed this roll down map, basket for mail and hooks for the dog’s leash from HobLob. I also painted the bench white and will be working this week to do a little antiquing treatment on it:


By the stairs, I brought back in the glass console (instead of the wood one that was there before). I styled it with new candle holders and the glass vase. The rest of the baskets and accessories were from my hoarding pile in the basement full of house decor.


To finish off the room, I added the cowhide rug and the refinished chairs with some pillows for accent:



Much fresher for spring!

Now that I spent the whole day re-decorating the living room, I lost a little time on my to-do list for the office.

Sunday, Collin had to work, so Anastasia stopped by to lend a helping hand in finishing the floor in the office. It took about 2 hours, but we were able to finish the last few rows of flooring.

We also installed the rest of the door moulding and baseboards. Everything caulked and the first coat of paint applied.

This week’s goals are the finish painting the baseboards and moulding and then touch up all around the edges with the wall color. I also need to switch out all of the outlets and covers to the white ones, currently they are cream colored. Oh, and add the crown moulding that never got installed this weekend. Oh, and the closet walls need to be re-finished. I have a feeling this list is going to grow, instead of shrink…