Office Updates and Living Room Pretty-Ness

This weekend I had grand plans of finishing off the Office. That was thrown a little off track on Saturday morning. Collin had work, so after breakfast I headed off to HobLob (Hobby Lobby for you New Yorkers) to pick up one or two things. Two hours later I was still aimlessly wandering the aisles grabbing anything that sparked some inspiration. It was magical, and I picked up a ton of goodies for the living room.

When I got home with my Hobby Lobby finds, I decided to completely empty the living room to do a deep clean of the floors and decided if I wanted to change out the rugs or furniture from around the house.

After the room was empty, I started with the entry area. I grabbed this roll down map, basket for mail and hooks for the dog’s leash from HobLob. I also painted the bench white and will be working this week to do a little antiquing treatment on it:


By the stairs, I brought back in the glass console (instead of the wood one that was there before). I styled it with new candle holders and the glass vase. The rest of the baskets and accessories were from my hoarding pile in the basement full of house decor.


To finish off the room, I added the cowhide rug and the refinished chairs with some pillows for accent:



Much fresher for spring!

Now that I spent the whole day re-decorating the living room, I lost a little time on my to-do list for the office.

Sunday, Collin had to work, so Anastasia stopped by to lend a helping hand in finishing the floor in the office. It took about 2 hours, but we were able to finish the last few rows of flooring.

We also installed the rest of the door moulding and baseboards. Everything caulked and the first coat of paint applied.

This week’s goals are the finish painting the baseboards and moulding and then touch up all around the edges with the wall color. I also need to switch out all of the outlets and covers to the white ones, currently they are cream colored. Oh, and add the crown moulding that never got installed this weekend. Oh, and the closet walls need to be re-finished. I have a feeling this list is going to grow, instead of shrink…

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