Week of Blog Posts – Day 1

The past 2 weeks have been crazy! Starting with a Surprise 60th Birthday for my mom, a family trip to Florida for 5 days, deciding to move forward with a new job opportunity, Valentine’s Day and my Birthday, absolutely nothing has happened on the house. But, in better news, since I am in between jobs, I have an unexpected 13 days off! My plan is to finish every single detail upstairs in the office and our Master, and blog about the whole thing more consistently this week. So get ready for some update overloads.

To keep these posts organized, I’m going to run through the updates in chronological order. Today’s post will be extra long, but after today, I should be back up to date and able to write shorter but more detailed posts. Before last week, we finished laying the hardwood floors in the bedroom and the closet and completed the moulding around the closet doors. That brings us in to last Thursday.

I spent Thursday morning caulking all of the mouldings around the doors and window. I also started cutting and installing the baseboards. Collin got home from work a little early and was up for some crown moulding, so we got started on cutting and mounting the crown.



Friday, I caulked the crown moulding and got started on painting the mouldings around the room. I also painted inside the window.




Saturday morning I headed to Home Depot early to pick up some necessities. There were a lot of little projects to finish in the office. To start, I changed out all of the outlets. They were originally beige and I changed them out to the white ones and added the outlet plates. While I had the electricity off, I updated the light fixture to something simple, but better than the hanging bulb. Eventually, we will update the fixture to something more permanent, but for now, this will do. I also kept moving forward with the painting of the crown moulding.


**Yes, we were one piece short on the baseboard – ugh

Saturday night it was 65 degrees outside so once Collin got home from work, we decided not to do any house updates, but rather go for an insane 6 mile walk all around the city and grab dinner. It was too nice to be stuck inside.

I’ll post Sunday and Monday in tomorrows post. Its a good one, and involves us maybe re-doing a room that was already declared complete… maybe. 🙂


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