Week of Blog Posts – Day 2

Day 2 and still going strong! Its a miracle!

So yesterday’s cliff hanger left us on the edge our renovation seats waiting to see what room is getting revisited for the 2nd time since we moved in 8 months: The Master Bedroom!

The Master was the first room we worked on when we moved. As the house progresses, it starts to take on a specific style and flow, and the bedroom just isn’t fitting anymore. Originally, the bedroom was a little bit contemporary with gray walls and modern fabrics. The rest of the house is taking more of a neutral rustic vibe, that we love. It’s time for the bedroom to match.

Let’s remember the before:


Good news is that this is an easy fix! No major construction, no drywall or mouldings, just some simple cosmetic updates to make this room more us!

Let’s back up to Sunday:

Sunday’s weather was crazy warm again, 70 degrees! Collin had off, and we wanted to spend as much time as possible outside,so we spent the morning grabbing breakfast a local coffee shop and walking around town a bit. When we got home, we worked to clean up the front of the house and scrub all of the outdoor furniture to prep it for Spring. We were able to sneak out for some lunch and afternoon cocktails before food shopping. Around 5 PM, it was a little too early for dinner, but we were both a little bored. So being the ever supportive husband that he is, he agreed to paint the bedroom before dinner!

Reminder: Since we paint so often, it only takes up about an hour to paint a room of this size. That’s why he agreed to do this 🙂 We didn’t even bother to clean the room first, just got to work!

I had purchased the paint earlier this week, Tawney Grey, same color as almost every other room. To keep the flow, the Guest Bedroom and Master Bedroom are in Tawney Grey and the hallway and living room are in Tawney Grey lightened 50% from the paint store. This keeps the bedrooms slightly more dramatic, but consistent flow keeps the house feeling large. The color goes on really green, but dries in to a darker green/gray.

I cut the edges, Collin rolls the walls:


*Please Note the necessary Sunday cocktails on the dresser: Fresh Orange Crushes make the painting go by faster!





The rest of this room refresh to-do list:

  • Darken the floors to better match Hallway
  • Replace Frame around TV to something wood
  • Paint the moulding around the door
  • 1/4 Round around the base of the room
  • Headboard update (?)
  • Bedside tables – if possible

The budget for this refresh is $250.00 – so far, we are $30 down with the wall paint!

Monday I worked on finishing up the office. To start, I mounted the window treatment, a cordless cellular shade. Install drove me a little crazy, but I got it done eventually.


I also painted a piece of furniture that we have been using as linen storage. It has been sitting in the living room, which is less than convenient when you forget new towels until after a shower. So it was time to move this piece upstairs, and the office was the perfect spot.

A little back story, this is an antique dresser that we got out of somebody’s garbage. We were living at my parents house and were driving home from the beach and saw it on the side of the road. We had to call my in laws to come help, since it was bigger than could fit in my car, but we got this baby home and it has served us well! We initially painted it a grey/teal color, but yesterday it went antique white with little pull knobs. Of course, I was 3 knobs short, so a trip back to Hobby Lobby is in my future 🙂



The last thing on the list on Monday was to finish the last piece of baseboard moulding and install some 1/4 Round moulding. The trickiest part of this was under the vent. I Lovveeeee that original vent cover, but it was un-level. I believe it is because it is installed in brick, so the past owners had to carve out the brick. It’s a little annoying, but we bought this house because of the old character and charm. Its never going to be perfect, so I had to build out the baseboard moulding on the angle. It will have to do 🙂



Tuesday’s goals are to finish painting the baseboard moulding in the office, build the master bedroom TV Frame and finish the door moulding in the master. Hopefully, by the end of the day today, the Office will be officially D-O-N-E! Fingers Crossed!

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