Week of Blog Posts – Day 3

Day 3! Halfway there!

Yesterday I made less progress than expected. Mainly because I am still transitioning work projects, so I was working more than I had anticipated, but that’s ok. Not every day is going to be a huge win for the to-do list.

I spent the morning finishing painting on the office mouldings. All of the baseboards needed a coat of paint and there was one section of crown moulding that hadn’t been completed yet, so that got painted as well.

After that, I headed out to Ikea. This office needed some furniture to make it function, but we didn’t want to spend a ton. Basically, if we ever have kids, this will become a nursery, so the pieces I chose for the office had to be able to work in other areas of the house at a later date. I picked up a $50 Area Rug (not shown online – only in stores), these Table Legs ($15 each) and a Table Top ($9)

For under $90, we were able to finish this cute, useful area:




The best part about the desk is that it is easy to take a part. The top is just basically sitting on the legs with sticky pads. If we have multiple people in town for overnights, we have an air mattress that can get set up in room. The desk just needs to be moved and a queen size air mattress will fit right in.

At this point, this room is officially DONE! It feels great to have another done room in the house, especially since I do work from home a lot. I should have done this room earlier! It was so nice to be able to work yesterday from a real desk and not the couch!

After my Ikea trip and setting up the room, I had some real work to do. Like my actual job, which lasted until about 5:30.

When Collin got home from work we picked up a pizza and vegged out on the couch watching movies. I had hoped to get more done yesterday, but today should be better, hopefully 🙂




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