Week of Blog Posts – Day 5

We made it! 5 days, 5 blog posts. It might not seem like a lot to you, but it is hard to keep progress on the house, and blog about the whole thing, especially when your normal blogging schedule, or lack thereof, averages out to once every 9 days. I needed a goal to help me get back on track, and this week was the ticket!

Thursday morning we were able to get the third and final coat of the Minwax Complete on the Master Bedroom Floors. They look great! They are absolutely not perfect, but they are almost exactly the same color as the hallway, and that helps the house feel more open with better flow.

Check out the before and after:

They are definitely shinier in the master, but overall, I think it works great!


I totally read the can wrong and it says we can reinstall rugs and furniture after 72 Hours – duh! So that’s exciting.

The rest of the tasks in this room:

  • Headboard Re-Do for Spring/Summer
  • Window Treatments
  • 1/4 Round installed
  • Door Moulding

After the floors were done, I spent the afternoon walking a few miles with Anastasia and heading out to lunch. When I got back home, I had to work for a little bit.

Around 4:30, I was able to start on the next project. We initially installed this great TV Cover with an IKEA frame. I mentioned in the post, the frame had become warped over time, and we were going to pick up a new one. Well guess what! They don’t make that size anymore, so I had to move on to Plan B.

I needed to build my own frame to the specification to fit the TV Cover. This method could be used to build ANY frame, big or small. It works so well!

I cut the pieces of wood (1×3’s) to the correct length and at a 45 degree angle.


I still used the Matte and the Clear Protector from the IKEA Frame, as they were not damaged. Next, I used my Kreg Jig to Pre-Drill the holes:


Next I used wood glue and Kreg Jig Screws to secure the frame together. And yes, I do wood working on the living room rug because it’s the only place in the house that I can work and watch Law and Order.



I used picture clasps and a piece of paneling cut to size to attach together:



After that it just needed to dry for a little, and be stained:


I stained it using Minwax Provincial stain:


I actually think that adding some wood element to that wall will balance the room. From here, I need to mount this, and paint the outside of the frame to match the wall color. I am also going to restain some new boards for around the headboard to match so that we can keep the wood tones in the room the same color. I’ll post the rest of the room updates Monday. By then we should be close to done with the upstairs!


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