Master Bedroom Spring Update

So after last week’s marathon of renovation, today is my last day before my new job starts. I am happy to report I finished everything I wanted to get done with my time off. The main goals were to finish the Office and come back around to the Master Bedroom to finish some large and detail projects that we never got to.

On Friday, we left off with the floors getting refinished and drying. Friday was my last day of work at my old job, so I had to be in the office and then my co-workers got together for a little farewell happy hour. So nothing got done on Friday 🙂

Saturday, Collin worked, so I spent the morning putting the rooms back together. I moved in the area rug and furniture  and cleaned the space top to bottom. I also worked on installing the frame around the TV, the quarter round moulding and the moulding around the door and window.

Sunday, Collin and I spent all day around the house, cleaning, organizing, cooking and meal prepping for the week. We finished all of the touch up paint upstairs and caulk and moved all tools to the basement.

Now for the after pictures of the Master:





The Master still needs window treatments and a new chandelier, but everything else is complete!

Overall, this past few days off has put us ahead on the renovations big time! Now we can totally focus on the downstairs (aside from the bathroom, which I will not even begin to show you until the after – think pink tile and maroon jacuzzi tub). I think the next project on the list might be the kitchen, so get excited! 🙂


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