Start of Demo and Newest Project Plans!

Sorry for the silence around here! I started a new job last week, so I wasn’t really focused on the house too much. But that’s about to change because we are starting on a huge project and I’m so excited to bring you along for all of the details!

House Layout:

To start, I want to recap our house layout for anyone who hasn’t come over yet! This will make it much easier to understand where we are in the house in relation to the other rooms that have been finished already. The First picture below is the Before/Current Layout. The only room we have mentioned on the blog is the Formal Living Room (which was completed in this Post). The Living Room is our current TV watching/Hang Out Room and the Garbage room is where we keep our Renovation Garbage before the Garbage guy comes (usually Monthly) to pick it up. And yes – it is as lovely as it sounds 🙂 The kitchen is a very small addition in the back of the house, and there is currently no Bathroom on this level.Before

Here’s where the major reno happens. In the new layout, shown below, we are moving the kitchen to the center of the home and converting the beloved Garbage Room to a Den. This Den, in the future, could be a Dining Room as well, we just don’t have a need for that right now and would rather have a cozy movie room instead. The current kitchen will become a first floor bathroom and Laundry Room combo.



Before Pictures:

download (1)


We had semi-started these rooms a few months ago with taking down the wallpaper. Both rooms have a drop ceiling and the archway connecting the rooms feels very dated to me.


On Saturday, Collin was working so I decided to start demo on my own. I started with removing the drop ceiling in the Den. It came down fairly easy, but did make a big mess. There is another layer of ceiling underneath that will also be pulled down.


Then I got a little excited with the hammer, and decided to tackle the archway. It took a long time and gave me hand blisters that my manicurist will surly cringe at, but its done.


I spent the rest of Saturday night and Sunday morning cleaning and reorganizing furniture to make the front living room fit our sectional and TV while we under construction.

The Plan:

I use the word Plan very loosely when it comes to this kitchen and den. This next week we are going to work on continuing to demo the kitchen ceiling and removing the remainder of the wallpaper. Once Demo is done, we can schedule the Garbage Guy to come pick up the demo materials so that we can start framing with a clean slate.

After demo, we need to frame the ceilings and walls and install a new window, that would fit above the counter tops.

We are hoping to get both rooms to “done” (meaning drywall, ceilings, paint and new floors), before starting on installing the kitchen.

When doing a kitchen install and major renovation like this, the biggest thing is timing. We need to make sure that we get everything done in the correct order so that the subcontractors we have coming in (Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing) are not losing time trying to figure out where everything needs to go. Luckily, there is no rush on our side, so we are planning on moving through the renovation slowly to make sure don’t miss a thing!


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