Demo and Dust

Happy Friday!

Collin has off both days this weekend, which means we are preparing for some major progress over the next 2 days. Before we get started this weekend, I wanted to write up a quick post to update on this past weeks work, so that I don’t get too far behind!

Last we left off I had demo’d the drop ceiling in the Den and the curved opening. It is important to note that while I am capable of starting a project, I am horrendous at demo and clean up. For some reason it take me forever, I hate cleaning up all of the dust and I never get as far as I want to. So while my demo kicked off the project, Collin put my demo to shame in about 6 hours.

He had off on Wednesday and his job was to continue demo of the drop ceiling. I figured that was a manageable goal since taking down the den ceiling took me all day Sunday. He did that and way more:

download (3)



He took down the drop ceiling in the new kitchen, removed the second layer of ceiling in both rooms and even had time to demo the rest of the plaster off of the opening between the rooms. Not only that, but I came home to a relatively clean work area (minus the garbage pile to the right that the Garbage Guy needs to come get this weekend).

Tomorrow we need to spend part of the morning getting materials, then it’s framing and drywall for the next 2 days. The Den should come together relatively quickly, but the kitchen is a much bigger beast. After framing we need to bring in the electrician before we can drywall up the ceilings. I’m hoping we can keep moving on smaller projects throughout while we gather the funds for the electrician to rewire the kitchen.

Again, we just jumped in to this project, no real plans, but also, no real rush! But we are going to need to start finalizing the layout to make sure there are outlets in all the right places :). I’ll be back next week some (hopefully) major updates! Have a great weekend!


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