Framing Weekend

This weekend was one of many first’s. We got a new tool, framed our first ceiling and spent the most amount of money at Home Depot in one transaction that we have ever spent, yay! We spent Friday night planning the shopping list for the next day in preparation for what we knew was going to be a huge haul.

Saturday morning, bright and early, we got up and headed to U-Haul to pick up a truck. We were picking up a bunch of 16′ boards, so we needed a giant truck. Our goal was to get almost all materials for both rooms. We do not want to have to rent another truck, so the list was long!

It took us about 2.5 Hours at Home Depot to gather everything we needed. Including, but not limited to: over 50 boards of wood, a window, 16 pieces of drywall, 35 joist straps and 5 different types of screws and nails.

Here’s the wood only, we had already loaded all of the drywall in the truck:


And all loaded up:


Now the fun part, when we got home we had to unload all of this in to the house. From start of the morning to everything being unpacked and the U-Haul being returned took about 5 hours. Way longer than I had anticipated!

After some lunch, we decided to work on framing out the back wall. This wall needed to be framed because it is currently plaster and it is where our kitchen cabinets need to be hung. We feel much more comfortable re-framing it, then trying to hang the cabinets on plaster and brick. We framed the wall on the floor and then lifted it in to place. It doesn’t go to the ceiling because the ceiling is going to be dropped:



After that we called it a day.

Sunday morning we were up again to get moving on the ceilings. We started the day with a trip to Home Depot because we obviously forgot something Saturday! We needed to grab a Powder Actuated tool. We have never used one before, but basically it is like a nail gun on steroids. You load it with a nail and bullets (22 Caliber) and then when you hit it it can attach wood to concrete, steel, brick, etc.

This thing was powerful, but really cool at the same time 🙂 With it, we were able to get the support beams attached to the walls.


Once they were up, we hung Joist straps every 16″ to hold the beams:


Once they were installed on both sides, we just slid the cross beams in to place and nailed them to secure:


We followed the same process in the den:


We still need to add some cross beam supports, but other than that, ceiling framing is done. Sunday night we headed out for some well deserved drinks and Sushi and fell asleep at like 8 PM (kind of kidding).

We can’t close up the ceilings until the Electrician installs the recessed lighting and pendant lights. After that is drywall and installing a new window. We have never done that before, so I’ll be sure to post details in the next few weeks!

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