Slowest 2 Weeks Ever!

Sorry I have been MIA, but there have not been any major updates in the last 2 weeks! Luckily we are moving the kitchen to another room, so we are not without a kitchen, or I would have lost my mind already!

Last we left off, the exterior on the window had been completed. I never showed a picture of what it looked like from the inside:

download (7)

We used spray foam insulation to get in to the tiny cracks and then insulated with the regular old pink stuff (no idea what that is called). Honestly, I am pretty sure this makes this area the most insulated part of the house!

Also in the last post, I hinted that Collin had installed the drywall in the Den. That got completed and patched up – ready for sanding and painting. I also ordered the chandelier that will hang where that dinky little light bulb is now:

download (8)


Now for less exciting updates that have been going on the last 2 Weeks. Normally we use the same Electrician, for everything. I call him up, his team comes out and does the work. So when we finished framing the new kitchen, I gave him a call as always to wire the electrical. His quoter came out and quoted us more than double what I had budgeted for the space. BUMMER! So we had then spend the next 10 days getting quotes from multiple electricians. I know I should have done this earlier, but I was really OK with spending the money for the Electrician I trusted. But honestly, when a quote from a similar electrician comes back at HALF the price, I don’t have a choice (and yes, we went with another reputable company that’s licensed and insured and has great reviews, blah blah blah).

So basically it saved us $2500, but put us behind on the renovation about 2 weeks. But we were still able to make a few little updates.

Since the last post, we had the plumber in to set up the rough in plumbing (Sink and Gas Stove). Also, we demo’d the little side wall. I forgot to take a before picture, but you can see it below behind Collin:

download (9)


The wall came out about 16″. The initial plan was keep it and run an old beam across to add some more character in the space, but once I finalized the kitchen cabinets, I felt like the walkway became too tight, especially since there are going to be bar stools right there. For reference, you can kind of see the blue tape on the floor in the picture below. That will be our peninsula. So I asked Collin to demo the little wall. Again, I think the beam would have been great, but this will help with keeping the open feeling and making the rooms seem bigger.


Now for what’s next! The electricians are here today! I seriously can not wait to have lighting in this room! They are adding 5 (!) recessed lights.  We have not had lights in this room, aside from a standing lamp, since we moved in.

Another are that’s getting some attention is new Master Bedroom window treatments and nightstands. I’ll put a post together once we get the window treatments installed, but it’s already a major improvement. That Master Bedroom is almost 100% complete. All we need is a new Chandelier, and we can call that room D-O-N-E!

This weekend we are in New York for Easter, so no planned work, but next week we are back full force! We have drywall to put up, patch and sand along with painting. I’m really trying to get all of the messy things completed before we put the new floors down!

The goal is to be done before Memorial Day, so we can take a break and enjoy the summer! It might be taking longer than planned, but I think any and all frustration will melt away when I am washing the dishes in a dishwasher!


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