Subs and Shopping

Stopping by for a quick re-cap from last week. We were in New York for Easter, so no work over the weekend, which was a welcome break. But now we are back full force to knock a bunch of items off the old to-do list!

This past week was all about Sub-Contractors and Shopping! I love Sub-Contractors because all I have to do is sit around at home and major and expensive Items get done without any of my involvement. It’s glorious.

As we discussed last week, we had chosen an electrician and plumber. The Plumber was here last Tuesday and Roughed-in the sink and gas lines for the stove. When he comes back after the appliances are delivered, he will add water for the fridge and Dishwasher.

The electrician came last Thursday and Friday and wired for the oh-so-needed lights. In total he added:

  • 4 Recessed Lights around the room
  • 1 Recessed Light above the sink
  • 2 Pendant Light boxes above the peninsula
  • Outlets for:
    • Dishwasher
    • Garbage Disposal
    • Fridge
    • Oven
    • Sweep-O-Vac (most exciting purchase)
    • Microwave
  • 7 Additional Outlets for around the kitchen


We had our inspector in yesterday and we passed! So now it’s time to drywall those walls closed!

Now for the fun part: Shopping! I spent the better part of last week finalizing decisions on some items that needed to be ordered. I was able to purchase:

  • Chandelier for the Den – Went with this one. It came in and is gorg – and the price couldn’t be beat! Can’t wait to get it hung!
  • Vent Hood (ordered from Amazon) – Self-Venting
  • APPLIANCES! The Refrigerator, Oven and Dishwasher were ordered from Sears during the 35% off sale. They are scheduled for Delivery in 2 weeks, so the timer is ticking on getting the floors installed!
  • Pendants <– Ordered, but I’m pretty sure they got stolen off my stoop. Ahh City Living at its finest! I am arguing with Amazon about it, but they were only $25 for 2 of them, so I won’t lose sleep over it if I have to re-order.

I will be ordering the Cabinets next week. I had to wait on placing the order because I do not want them getting delivered before the floors are installed. We will run out of places to store the boxes!

This week/weekend is Drywall! That should make these rooms feel less like a construction zone and more like actual rooms. The goal is to have the drywall up, sanded and painted before we put the floors down, just to keep the new floors as clean as possible. Hopefully I’ll be back with a BIG post next week with lots of beautiful pictures of finished walls and cleaned up rooms <– Possibly a bit optimistic, but a girl can dream.

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