Shiplap in the Den

I’m planning for this week to be a little Post heavy, since we are racing through this kitchen renovation and I don’t want to miss a thing! This week is Jam Packed all in preparation for the floor install this weekend. As I have said before, we are planning on having everything dry-walled, sanded, primed and painted by Friday!

So to keep on track, let’s go back to Saturday. Collin had work all day, so I was on my own. My goal was to focus on the back wall of the den.

This wall had wallpaper. In the past, I had attempted to remove it, but since there is some type of cement behind it, when I would remove the wallpaper it would take huge patches of wall down with it (see above the door as proof). It was refusing to budge, so we had to come up with a Plan B.



We thought about wallpapering right over it, but I wasn’t thrilled about the price, and how it would be such a feature wall. I was having a hard time committing to a pattern and it was overwhelming. I wanted something neutral and within a tight budget!

We decided on Shiplap. I love how cheap it is to install, and how it brings the element from the front living room back to the back of the house.

*Remember the front living room Shiplap:


So Saturday morning, I headed to Home Depot and bought 3 pieces of 1/4″ Underlayment. Each board was $16. I had Home Depot cut it down to 24″ pieces so that it would fit in my car, and I trekked it home.

First, I had to take some time to remove the wallpaper on the bump out to the right that houses our HVAC. I removed the wall paper, sanded and patched that area before installing the Ship Lap.

Now on to the Ship Lap boards. I used my circular saw to cut the 24″ pieces down to three 8″ boards. I went with 8″ boards because that matched the width of the boards in the front living room. I started with the board above the door.


After making sure the board was level, I used Liquid Nails on the back of the board and my nail gun to hold them in place. I also used a nickle as the spacer in between boards.

I was able to finish the project in about 2 hours. It still needs to be caulked and sanded, and obviously primed and painted, but for under $50, I think it will look great!


I’ll be back tomorrow with the Sunday work and the some big update pictures, so stay tuned!

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