The Kitchen Ceilings Are In!

Sunday was a big day – Drywall and Farmer’s Market Opening Day! Collin and I loveee the Farmer’s Market we have here in Baltimore. It’s huge and we spend almost every Sunday morning strolling around grabbing coffee, breakfast, produce and flowers for the week. It finally re-opened this weekend (after being closed for the winter months), so it was our first stop Sunday morning.

After eating our way through the Farmer’s Market, we headed to Home Depot to pick up the Drywall Lift (as seen in this post) and a few other materials.

Once we got home, we got right to work on getting those Kitchen ceilings up! Anastasia came over to help. We started working our way around the room, cutting out the holes for the lighting as we went. Collin is meticulous about getting the measurements correct. It drives me crazy because I have zero patience, but it makes for a P-E-R-F-E-C-T ceiling.




The two holes in the center are where the Pendant lights will hang. You can even see the peninsula taped out on the floors!

Last week we had decided to rip down the division between the two rooms completely. I’m so glad we did, because the flat, uninterrupted ceiling makes a world of difference! It makes both rooms feel so big and open!


During the time Collin was working on the drywall, I did have a chance to sneak out and grab some groceries for the week and some ingredients for dinner. I spent the later part of the afternoon cooking, meal prepping and cleaning around the house, while Collin got the ceiling spackled. We ended the night with some board games outside, a BBQ and some well deserved beers.

The next few days should be filled with Sanding, spackling all additional coats and *hopefully* painting. I picked up all of the Hardwoods last night, so I’ll be back tomorrow with a full post on how we came to that final decision!



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