Hardest Working Weekend to Date

Guys, It’s Tuesday and I’m still exhausted from this weekend! We got more done than even I could have imagined. We were on a bit of a time crunch since the Cabinets were being delivered on Monday morning, so let’s back track a little to see where it all started:

Lets head all the way back to Thursday. Thursday night Collin had work, so I spent the evening priming and painting the Shiplap wall. I used a brush and a small foam roller. It took about 3 coats. I also painted the trim around the windows:


Friday night, after we got home from work, Collin and I immediately changed in to our working clothes and spent about an hour or so sanding the ceiling. Collin sanded with the stick sander While I followed behind by hand to make sure everything was super smooth.

All ready for Paint:


After sanding, we were able to get a coat of paint on the ceilings before bed! When we woke up Saturday morning, we did have to put a second coat of paint on the ceilings, but they looked great and our drywall was by far the best we have ever done:


After the ceiling was painted, I edged and Collin painted the walls in the back den and around the kitchen window. Of course, we ran out of paint, so couldn’t finish the kitchen wall. The paint is the same color we used throughout the house, Glidden’s Tawney Grey lightened 50%:


We spent a little bit of time cleaning up the den and kitchen. After that, we were getting started on the floors.

The first step was stapling down the underlayment. We just laid it out, and hit it with a few staples to keep it in place. Next we laid out the first row until it was level and nailed that in with our nail gun:

download (10).jpg

Once that was in, we could work on clicking in the rest of the floor. Collin had to go to work at 2:30 PM, so Anastasia came over to help me install. We didn’t get as far as I had hoped. Basically, since we are trying to install this throughout the whole first floor, we kept having to creep further and further in to the living room (which we weren’t planning on doing this weekend). We had to call it a night around 5 PM since we didn’t have the correct materials to level out the living room floors.

Instead we headed out to dinner and I kid you not when I say I was in bed by 8:30.

Sunday was a tough wake up, our bodies were killing us, but we had a big day and only 24 hours before the cabinets got delivered, so we hopped out of bed and grabbed some egg sammies before heading to Home Depot. At Home Depot, we got the plywood pieces that would allow us to keep installing in the front living room and some other supplies.

When we got home, Collin installed the plywood to level the floors and then stapled down the underlayment. We got to work installing the closet and around the fireplace:


Once we got past the entry way to the new kitchen, it was smooth sailing and the rest of the floors went down in about an hour:



After the floors were laid, I got the chandelier hung in the Den and we set it all up! The room still needs crown moulding, baseboards and window treatments, but it is totally cute and livable! I’ll leave you with this pretty after picture before I go through the disaster that was Cabinet delivery in tomorrow’s post!


2 thoughts on “Hardest Working Weekend to Date

  1. Colleen Watson says:

    The old floors looked in good shape, just needed new stain. Did i miss the bad parts? I so jealous you n collin work well together n like the same stuff. Take care


    • Spruce Baltimore says:

      The floors in the back of the house could have been restained, but they were a different level (1″ higher) than the front room. Also, the front room’s floors were really poorly patched and we really wanted nice flowing hardwoods. I wrote about in a the post from 4/28. In the end, it wound up being cheaper to install new hardwoods ($1300) than to have someone come in and restain for us. We haven’t had luck in the past with re-finishing our own hardwoods floors.


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