Cabinets, Appliances and Rolling with the Punches

I woke up Monday all pumped and ready for Cabinet delivery. The floors had gotten finished on time, the house was semi clean and ready for what I knew was going to be a ton of cabinet boxes. I was feeling prepared.

Until, I got the knock on the door. The delivery man nicely informed me that they do not bring the cabinets inside for you, they leave them on the sidewalk.

I was home alone, with no dolly or any type of assistance. Then when he started unloading the truck, I really started to get concerned:


This was pallet #1 of 2. Kill me.

Collin offered to come home from work to help, but I thought I could do it by myself. I spent the next hour or 2 bringing box by box inside. On some of the bigger ones, I had to actually open the boxes and bring in piece by piece because I couldn’t carry the full box alone.

It was terrible, I was sweaty and miserable and our house was a disaster. But it got done.


Next, I started putting some of the cabinets together. If you can remember back to this post, we decided on RTA (Ready-To-Assemble) Cabinets to save money, about $2000.

I had nightmares that the cabinets were going to be very difficult to put together, or show up with a million pieces. I was pleasantly surprised after opening the box to find the hinges and doors already attached. Everything basically slid together and then was secured with a couple of screws.

So far, we have gotten 13 out of 15 cabinets put together (averaging about 30 minutes per cabinet of assembly time). If that totals out to 8 Hours of assembly, it is well worth the $2000 savings.

The issue we ran in to, is that we are running out of space to build and store the cabinets. So Tuesday night we started to install the uppers, to free up some space below.

To install the upper cabinets, we measured up 54 Inches from the floor and drew a level line straight across. 54″ is the base cabinets and counter tops height (36″) plus the back splash (18″). If you add in the cabinet height of 42″, we are at exactly 96″. That gives us a little wiggle room to install crown moulding (98.5″ Ceiling Height).

Next we used a scrap 2×4 and installed that so that the top edge was at 54″ high. That became our ledge to hold the cabinets in place while we secured them to the wall.


Then I held them in place, while Collin screwed them in to studs with 2.5″ Cabinets Screws.

We started in the corner and worked our way around the room. There are only 4 Upper Cabinets going in, and the pantry. The last upper cabinet needs to wait to be installed until the Fridge is in.


I got home early on Wednesday to clean up and prep for the Appliance delivery. I spent about an hour moving everything from the front living room to the back of the house so that we could keep the appliances in there while we finished the kitchen. I was once again fully prepared for the appliance delivery, until…

The Appliances wouldn’t fit through the front door. Seriously, why do I even try to plan things out?!?

Thank God for the nicest movers ever who literally walked our refrigerator down the block, down an alley and to the back of our house to be able to bring it in through the back door. It fit by 1″, and that was with all of the doors and handles removed.

This meant that the appliances were delivered to our new den:


When Collin got home from work, we put together a few more cabinets and rearranged some of the furniture in both rooms so that we had a place to sit, watch TV and still be able to install and move cabinets around.



This weekend there are no plans to work on the house. Collin is going out of town and my sister is coming in to town. Honestly, the time off from reno will be a welcome break for a few days. We have been non-stop for about 2 weeks with 12-14 hour real work/house work days and could really use a little low key weekend.

Next weeks goals are to get the cabinets installed. Once that’s done, the electrician and plumber head back to connect everything. Only thing left is counter tops (Haven’t Decided on this yet) and back splash. I think we might be on track for a Memorial Day finish, which will be a miracle if we hit!


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