Weekly Updates

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I wanted to pop in for a quick update today. In the last post, I mentioned we were having a no-reno weekend and, for the most part, we stuck to that! My sister came in to town and we ate our way through the city and watched a million girly movies. Collin spent the weekend golfing with his brothers and dad. He got home on Sunday morning around 11. We decided to grab brunch together before heading home to get a little bit of work done.

On Sunday, we spent about an hour getting the sink cabinet installed along with putting together the rest of the cabinets that were still in boxes. After that, we moved some of the appliances in place so that we could finally get a look at how the kitchen would be laid out.




It might look like a disaster to you, but this is real progress my friends!

I did make a mistake on one cabinet and ordered a desk height cabinet instead of a counter height. I have reordered the replacement and it is en-route to us. We plan on spending some time over the next week finishing the cabinet installs and securing everything in place.

Last night we hit the granite store to start that process. I’m going to do an entire post next week on that decision, but the take away is that they are coming next Saturday to measure for install, so we need to get these cabinets completely installed by then.

Finally, this weekend the plan is to work on mouldings in the den and switching out all of the den outlets that are almond colored to white. Also, I’m going to try to figure out something with that Column/gap in the wall. I need to build something out since the two walls (left and right) are not level. They are about 3/4″ different, which is weird, so I will have to customize something.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


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