A Bunch of Small Updates

This week’s updates are a bunch of small projects that are starting to add up to an almost functioning room! Let’s go through one by one, starting at the beginning:

Outlets: All outlets in the Den and Kitchen have been changed to the pure white one’s from the Almond color before. This is a pretty cheap project ($3.00 per outlet) but takes some time. Easy job to sit and work on while Law and Order streams in the background.

Column: As discussed last week, there was a 5″ gap from where we removed a wall. The two walls that were coming to meet were not the same level, one was 3/4″ different. It’s really hard to explain, but the important part is that there was no way to drywall over this area and make it look seamless. So I decided to build a column, same as before. This will mimic the front living room, be stained (eventually) and make the gap in the room look intentional. Here are the before and afters, before moulding:

Vent Hood Installed: We ordered this Self Venting hood from Amazon. I just followed the directions to install and left the wires open for when the electrician came back to finish the electrical hook-ups.

Final Upper Cabinets: I also installed the final upper Cabinets, and 18″ Glass Cabinet to the right of the Vent and a small 6″ Shelf Cabinet that you can kind of see in the below picture:

download (13)

Electrician: The electrician came back to complete the install of the outlets inside the cabinets for: Dishwasher, Disposal, Microwave. He also hooked up the vent hood and finished installing all outlets around the room and for the other appliances. No exciting pictures for that one, but it is nice to have functioning outlets in this space.

Baseboards: I started baseboards in the Den, but didn’t get very far. We still need to get moving on that and Crown Moulding. Everything is purchased, but I have to be in the mood to do that job. Maybe this weekend the mood will strike, maybe…

Counter Tops: We spent some time last week shopping for Counter tops and comparing a few distributors in the area. We have decided on a granite that we think is going to look great! We went with granite mainly due to cost and functionality. It gave us what we think is a great color scheme while staying in budget. Also, I may be crazy, but I’m really over the white on white on white kitchens. So we are keeping ours pretty warm and traditional, but with clean lines. The granite guys are coming on Saturday to template for the counter tops and turn around time should be pretty fast following that!

This weekend Collin is working both days, so I have a long list of things to get through. Mouldings, Mouldings, Mouldings and possible custom Vent Hood (Super excited about this)!

Overall, there is no way we are having a functioning kitchen by Memorial Day (original goal), but we should only be about a week or 2 over. Once Counter tops are in, the plumber comes back to hook up appliances and sink and we can move right in to that new Kitchen!

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